Ah, the pleasure of turning that pristine and smooth-operating new handle. The gleaming finish, the satisfaction of a stylish upgrade, the fresh excitement of having everything just as you dreamed of for that otherwise mundane act of pouring a glass of water or turning on the shower. There are so many options to choose from, but the most pressing question on your mind is probably the overall cost of faucet installation.

  • Building a new home, renovating or expanding?
  • Replacing broken or damaged faucets?
  • Adding an extra sink?
  • Old faucet hardware showing its age?
  • Time for a style update?
  • Need extra, modern, or more efficient features?

Calculating faucet replacement cost is difficult

So: How much to replace a faucet? We know there are many reasons why you’re looking into getting new faucets installed – and just as many factors go into that overall faucet installation cost as well. There are kitchen, bathroom, bathtub, shower, and laundry taps, different styles and luxury levels, regional labor rates, the potential need for plumbing modifications or additions – and even more. It’s therefore very difficult to provide a simple, one-size-fits-all answer when you’re wondering about the cost of faucet replacement – but let’s give it a go anyway!:

1. Faucet type

Are those new faucets for the kitchen, bathroom, shower, laundry, outdoors – or something else entirely? Some are inherently more complex than others and therefore more expensive. Pricing also increases for specialized finishes like nickel or brass. but you can generally get basic models for $50-$200, while high-end faucets can set you back $1000 or more.

2. Faucet unit cost

Once we’ve narrowed down your faucet type, remember that high-end brands or luxury, designer faucets will also be more expensive than standard or generic brands. Budget $50-$300 for generic faucets, and $500+ if you’re getting something fancy.

3. Labor

Where are you in the great United States of America? If you’re in a rural area, you might find a good plumber at a considerably lower rate compared to metropolitan areas with a higher cost of living. Although generally, you should find a reliable plumber nearby for somewhere between $45-$150 per hour.

4. Job complexity

Some jobs are harder than others! While a direct, like-for-like faucet replacement might be as low as $150-$300 in total, a from-scratch installation – especially in a new space without existing plumbing – can be more like $500-$600+.

5. Plumbing modifications

Similarly, if the existing plumbing setup doesn’t align with the new hardware or additional pipes, fittings, or modifications are required, factor in another $50-$200. And updating or replacing your water supply lines could mean another $20-$50 per line.

6. Permits & inspection fees

Local jurisdictions or regulations may call for special permits for certain plumbing work, post-work inspections or other fees in some places across the USA. If that applies to you, it will be around $50-$200 more.

7. Old faucet removal

A good US plumber offering excellent customer service will probably bundle the cost of removing and disposing of the old faucet, but perhaps not. But they might also need to add a little more for a really complex task here, so budget another $20-$50.

8. Potential repairs

Once your plumber has removed the old faucet, they may discover that parts of the plumbing system itself are worn or damaged – and the repairs will have to be paid for. Expect around $50-$300+.

9. Special features

Some faucets just turn on and off, whilst others are touchless, or have built-in filters, pull-out sprayers, or even temperature-control LEDs or voice activation – and much more! Bear in mind, though, that the installation may be more complicated or need extra parts, and it could cost $50-$200 more in total.

10. After hours work

If there’s water everywhere or you have another reason why the job needs to be done absolutely immediately outside normal working hours, the good news is that the best plumbers will be able to help you out. The bad news, however, is that you’re probably facing a premium charge that can increase the hourly rate or simply add $50-$200+ to the total price.


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Cost to install faucet may be lower than you think

So: how much to install a faucet in total? You’re looking at anywhere between $200 all the way up to $2,000 and even more. Not helpful? That’s because the actual cost for you will depend exclusively on your actual circumstances and preferences – but here’s the good news. If you choose the best professional plumber you can find, you won’t only get a fair price but also extra value like upfront pricing and guaranteed workmanship for life.

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