Have you decided to sink your teeth into a brand new sink? Perhaps yours is dated or damaged, you’re renovating the kitchen or adding a bathroom, or you just need something bigger, better and trendier. Let’s throw everything including the kitchen sink at a full breakdown of what that sink installation cost will set you back – because it’s one of those renovation projects whose bottom-line price can really take you by surprise.

Why is the cost of sink installation so hard to quantify? It’s because:

  • There are so many different sink types, styles and materials
  • Some sinks are easy to replace whilst others require complex installation
  • Plumbing configurations differ or need to be modified/added
  • Plumbers/contractors charge differently, and material costs differ depending on geographical location.

How much does a sink cost in total?

But don’t worry, because we can still do a lot of work here to make the breakdown of how that sink replacement cost is calculated a little clearer ahead of your renovations:

1. Sink unit cost

If you’re just upgrading or replacing an existing sink and the new one will fit into the existing space, you’re looking at anywhere from very cheap ($50) to expensive ($1000+) for designer or exotic materials.

If your installation is totally from scratch, you’ve got the entire range of sinks to choose from – but bear in mind that there are a lot more costs to come.

2. Labor costs

A plumber or contractor will need to remove that old sink, make a few minor adjustments here and there, and then install the new one. Depending on the complexity of the task expect $150-$400, including a potential sink disposal fee.

If it’s from scratch, again – it’s pricier for obvious reasons. But it may only cost $200-$500 to create that new space, depending on how much countertop cutting and new plumbing connections need to be done.

3. Plumbing adjustments

If your new sink is a perfect match for the old plumbing setup, you could get away with a $0 for this one. But because some adjustments may be needed, budget for a couple of hundred dollars.

A from-scratch sink installation, on the other hand, will always require plumbing work, starting from around $200 and heading upwards from there.

4. Countertop modifications

If you match the new sink to the old one well, don’t worry too much here. If changes do need to be made, you may need more than a plumber as well as a couple of hundred dollars or more.

5. Additional features & hardware

Whether replacing a sink or installing a new one, it’s likely that you’ll also be wanting new faucets, maybe a black faucet or chrome-colored faucet, and other hardware. And, like the sink itself, it depends on what you want – so it could be $50 or it could be $500+.

6. Permits & inspections

If you’re in a lucky region of the USA, you won’t need any permits or permissions to replace a sink. Elsewhere, you could be up for $50-$200 or so.

If the sink installation is totally from scratch, it’s much more likely that permits will be needed – but perhaps only if you need to add in new plumbing or significantly alter what’s already there.

7. Unforeseen costs

When calculating the overall cost to replace sink materials, factor in the potential for challenges you didn’t plan for – because that’s just what comes with renovating! The plumbing may not be up to the task or you could discover water damage – or a million other things could occur. So if your budget blows out by 10-20%, don’t be too surprised.


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So, how much does it cost to replace a sink?

Want an actual cost range? Answer: $250-$2400+. Yes, that’s a big range, so how much do sinks cost to install in the most simple terms? As you can tell, while some cost factors are basically uniform, others differ wildly depending on your unique circumstances and preferences.

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