Renovating your bathroom is a costly process. There are so many little things that add up to a huge bill. You might want to make a list of costs. One of the costs will be how much a plumber may charge to replace a toilet.

Toilet installation is a pretty standard, straightforward task for a professional plumber. However, there are a number of factors to consider.

The overall cost will be a reflection of what you require the plumber to do. It may be cheaper if it is a simple toilet replacement like for like. If you are upgrading your toilet, this will be more expensive. If you have broken pipes that need fixing alongside the replacement, this will cost more as well.

This article will cover a list of potential charges from the plumber in terms of replacing a toilet.

A List of Potential Costs

Replacing a toilet may sound straightforward, and it is. There are however, some bigger picture factors to consider in terms of cost.

Labor Costs Per Hour

Labor costs per hour can be anything from $40-$200. This is a standard rate that you will have to pay on top of everything else. The plumber has a rate per hour for the labor that they provide you. Installing a toilet can take up to five hours. So that should give you a better estimate of labor costs.

Toilet Unit Cost

This one seems straightforward. There is a cost for a new toilet. How much that is depends on what type of toilet you decide to purchase. The average price for a standard toilet is around $250. Of course, there is a cost margin in the market. You may be able to get a much cheaper toilet model or, if you want to pay more, a fancier model for a higher price.

Toilet Removal Cost

The task of removing the toilet is sometimes overlooked. However, it is a big bulky item that you can’t throw out in the regular garbage. A specialist service will remove the old toilet at a price. The starting price for bulky item removal is normally around $35, but it can vary dramatically depending on which service you choose.

Damage Repair Costs

Alongside toilet installation and removal, you may need to pay for damage repair. This includes the outlet pipe and the u-bend.

Plumber Labor Costs

The average plumber rates in the US are between $70-$120. Bear in mind that these are just the average hourly rates. There is cheaper labor available, and more expensive as well.

The average toilet installation is anywhere from a few hours up to around five. It all depends on the complexity of the job, the size of the bathroom, if you require toilet removal, and whether the fittings need replacing or repairing too.

Types of Toilets

There are lots of different types of toilets on the market. At the lower end of the price bracket, there are simple bog standard models. There are also higher end toilets that are fancier and more advanced. These obviously cost more.

Here is a list of the various toilet models available on the bathroom showcase market.

Standard Toilet Model

The standard toilet model comes with different options that can dictate the overall price. The main thing that controls price is the type of flush your chosen toilet has. There are around eight main types of flushers for a standard toilet model. These are:

  • Gravity flush
  • Pressure assisted flush
  • Dual flush
  • Single flush
  • Double cyclone flush
  • Double vortex flush
  • Tornado flush
  • Tower flush

Bidet Toilets

Bidet toilets are additional washbasins for use alongside a standard toilet. They require their own water supply and will take additional time to install and repair.

Square Toilets & Corner Toilets

Square toilets tend to be a more modern design. They are more efficient at not wasting water and, they provide more flexibility in terms of the height of the seat.

Corner toilets, as the name suggests, fit in the corner of a room. These are a good option for smaller bathrooms, or bathrooms with other larger units already installed. The top tank is triangular so that it fits into the corner.

Wall Mounted Toilets

Wall-mounted toilets are attached directly to the wall. The toilet basin is on display in the room while the tank is installed inside of the bathroom’s walls. They are ideal for smaller spaces.

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Toilet removal

Toilet removal cost is easy to forget about. When your new toilet has been installed, what do you do with the old toilet? The most straightforward way to get rid of the old toilet is to pay the plumber to take it away. This is a standard service amongst professional plumbers. It will add between an extra $100-200 on top of your bill. Some people choose to keep their old toilets and repurpose them. They are actually quite a popular garden feature, being used to house bedding plants.

Additional Problems

There may be some additional problems that end up costing you more money.

The Toilet Doesn’t Fit

It sometimes happens. You get a new toilet, despite all the measuring and good intentions, it just doesn’t fit in the space. This can be a major spanner in the works and may require either another new toilet purchase or more labor costs from the plumber to realize your goal.

The Fittings are Wrong

If the toilet is being upgraded from a standard model to something a bit more fancy, there is sometimes an issue with the pipes and fittings. They may require new fittings in order to be installed safely and correctly.

Final Thoughts

Toilet installation doesn’t have to cost high end prices.


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A plumber for toilets will charge you labor costs, and any additional extras such as pipe repair and new fitting installation.

A simple standard replacement toilet job, on average, will cost around $400. This includes the new toilet price and labor costs.