Are you one of the millions of Americans who love sinking into a warm bath after a long day? It’s a moment of solace, a calming and soothing experience, and a true retreat from the stresses of everyday life as we soak off the grime. Estimating the start-to-finish bathtub installation cost, however, is particularly challenging – and not just because there are so many tub types and styles. There’s the removal of the old one, any plumbing adjustments, labor, materials, waterproofing, finishing touches, potential permit fees – and you should always expect the unexpected as well.

Understanding the average cost to install bathtub

But with that all said, is it possible to estimate the price to install a bathtub? With the input of dozens of great bathtub installers, it really is! Remember, the overall cost to install new bathtub infrastructure is multifaceted with radically varying numbers based on a multitude of factors – but this bathtub install cost breakdown should help:

1. Bathtub unit

The heart of the project – the actual tub. While a standard alcove tub might set you back $300-$1,000, a freestanding tub could be more like $500-$5,000 – while for seriously luxurious options like whirlpool or air tubs, the range could be $1,000-$6,000 or even more.

2. Demolition/removal

If you’re replacing an old tub or removing a shower stall, factor in some demolition and removal fees. That could be $50-$500, plus even more for potential disposal fees.

3. Plumbing adjustments

Depending on whether it’s a new installation or a replacement tub, the plumbing costs can be a significant part of the budget. Just adjusting or installing new pipes and fixtures can range anywhere from $100-$1,500+.

4. Installation materials

Mortar, adhesive, and sealants are fundamental components when considering the cost of changing a bathtub. However, as plumbers and renovation experts itemize these expenses differently, the cost can range significantly. It might be as low as $50, but in some cases, it could escalate to $500.

5. Labor

Labor is a really significant chunk of the cost of installing bathtub infrastructure. That reliable plumber near me can charge from $500 to $2,500 for the installation, depending on the complexity and duration of the job.

6. Flooring & walls

If repairs or replacements in this area are needed, you might spend between $100-$2,000 on new tiles, waterproofing, or other wall/floor finishes.

7. Hardware & fixtures

Even the smaller details matter too and can really add up. New bathtub faucets, handles, and other tub and bathroom fixtures can range from $50-$1,500 – it really depends on the quality, style, and brand.

8. Finishing touches

And it’s the finishing touches that can make all the difference – things like painting or sealing might cost between $100-$500 or more. And it’s also easy to forget something like shower doors or curtains for a combined tub-shower, meaning an extra $50 or an extra $1000 – it just depends on what your plans are.

For instance, if you’re going for built-in shelving, new lighting, grab bars, or something else entirely, start thinking about an extra few bucks or yet another $1000 on top of everything else.

9. Permit fees

This one depends solely on your specific locality, so don’t forget to look into whether you need to obtain permits or not. The costs here can vary widely, but we’re ball-parking $50-$500.


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10. Unexpected costs

With projects like this, always expect – and budget for – the unexpected. Could be mold removal, code adjustments, or major and unforeseen plumbing issues. It’s wise, though, to earmark an extra $100-$3,000 just in case the unpredictably unexpected comes to pass.

The bottom line: What to remember about bathtub fitting cost

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