Dripping tap?: annoying. Squeaky door hinge?: irritating. Weak Wi-Fi signal?: Argh! A hopelessly clogged drain, however, is a major disruption to daily life at your place, making everyday tasks like washing dishes or taking a shower almost impossible. And if the plunger and some white vinegar-plus-baking soda didn’t do the trick, that blockage will soon become a much bigger plumbing problem if it’s not resolved quickly. But what’s the cost to unclog drain issues at your place likely to be? Let’s take a deep dive into your clogged-up drain and pose the obvious question: How much is it to unclog a drain, exactly?

Clogged drain repair cost: What are the factors?

Dinner for two? A quality set of non-stick cookware? That’s about what it will cost to get a plumber out to your place to restore your drains to fully functional status – somewhere around $100-$275, depending on various factors.

All the factors influencing plumber clogged drain cost

But is that all we need to know about the plugged drain cost? No! So what factors are we talking about, exactly?:

1. The type of drain

Your home has plenty of drains – sinks, baths, toilets, and main drains. They all have distinct structures and distinct average blockages.

2. The severity of the blockage

Just a big clump of hair mixed with soap scum? That’s an easy job. But something much more serious, like a tree root infiltration, will cost you more to get fixed.

3. The required tools/equipment

If it’s just going to be basic plumbing tools that are needed for a simple blockage, expect a nice cheap job. But serious clogs might need the big guns to be pulled out, like hydro jets, motorised drain augers, and CCTV inspection cameras.

4. The cause of the blockage

Expect the costs to rise if the blockage isn’t just hair soap and toilet paper, but something like damaged pipes or an even more serious plumbing issue.

5. The location of the blockage

If your blockage is deep within the main sewer line, that’s going to take your chosen plumber more time and effort – and money.

6. Access to the blockage

A clogged kitchen sink is easy for your plumber to get to. And that’s vastly different from a blockage in an underground sewer line which can even require lengthy and costly excavation.

7. The plumber’s hourly rate

Plumbers ordinarily charge by the hour, and how much they can get away with charging depends on their experience, certifications, your locations, and other factors – although the best plumbers will always be very competitive and therefore reasonable.

8. If it’s an emergency

Does the plumber you’re calling have a 24/7/365 emergency plumbing service? All the best ones will, but obviously that costs you quite a bit more – although some plumbing problems simply can’t wait.


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Usually, even though they’re clogged with junk, your pipes and drains are perfectly fine. But occasionally, if your plumber discovers the need for a clogged pipe repair, they’ll need to charge more for that extra labor and materials.

10. Where you live

Depending on the plumber, they may add some more to your bill if you live out in the sticks. But luckily, just about wherever you are in these great United States, there’s usually a quality blocked drain plumber just around the corner.

Why does the average cost for plumber to unclog drain vary?

Need to know more? As you can see, there are plenty of factors you need to navigate to turn that average cost to unclog a drain into the actual number you see on your bill. Just want a fair quote for a great plumber close to you and more information about what they do and how much it costs. Enter Best Plumbers Club – the unique network that simplifies the process by connecting you to the absolute best plumbers across the USA in just a click or three. Let the Best Plumbers Club take the guesswork out of your plumbing needs and check us out today.