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Best Bathtub Faucets

Apr 28, 2021 | Blog, Faucets, Plumbing Product Reviews

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Getting the right faucets for your bathtub is often overlooked. Not only will you want faucets that look great in your bathroom, but you’ll want a set that can give you the right volume and pressure of water for your needs.You’ll want a faucet that gives your bathroom that added touch of elegance and finery. Ideally, a bathroom should be very smooth, shiny, interesting in design and very easy to clean. You’ll want a tap that you can literally see your face in as you clean yourself.But where can you find the best bathtub faucets? What features and materials do your bath faucets need to have to give that durability and reliable functionality? How much can you be expected to pay for a decent bathtub faucet?Well, if you are scratching your head looking for taps that will perfectly match your bathtub, then we would suggest that you read on. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best bathtub faucets that you can buy in the online marketplace.

We also have a buyer’s guide that will help you to choose some of the best units for your needs.



American Standard 8888026.002 Bath Slip-On Diverter Tub Spout, 4 in, Polished Chrome (For 1/2' copper water tube)

American Standard Tub Spout



Kingston Brass KS265SN Clawfoot Tub Wall Mount Faucet, Brushed Nickel

Kingston Brass Tub Wall Mount Faucet



American Standard 8888026.002 Bath Slip-On Diverter Tub Spout, 4 in, Polished Chrome (For 1/2' copper water tube)

American Standard Tub Spout

This first set of taps comes in a chrome plating that is probably one of the most durable materials for bathtub faucets.

This will prevent your tap from corroding and give you that sleek and shiny surface all year round – introducing the American Standard Tub Spout.

This faucet comes with a ½ inch pipe that will stick directly from your tub, but not enough to catch on your skin or injure you when getting in and out of the bath.

This spout is very affordable and has a very quiet running operation, which is great if you live with your family and prefer a late-night bath.


  • The materials that go into the making of this bathtub are amazing – the polished chrome plating will not only last you years but will add a touch of class to your bathroom.
  • This is very easy to install, you won’t have to hire a plumber to come and fit this one.
  • It has a very quiet running operation, which is perfect if you need to keep it quiet having a bath when the children are asleep.
  • The price – this set of faucets are very affordable, perfect for a family or a student that might be sticking firmly to a budget.


  • These have plastic inserts in the housing that might easily wear away after repeated usage.



DELTA RP17453 DELTA TUB SPOUT, One Size, Chrome

Delta Faucet Tub Spout

This next faucet is a very sleek and simple design, coming in a tap that juts a few inches from the wall that is very easy to install.

You can adapt this for use in both a bathtub and a shower unit, it has a polished chrome finish that will last you for years if maintained well – introducing the Delta Faucet Tub Spout.

You can choose from a few different types of materials with this faucet – either polished brass or stainless steel.

These two substances are both incredibly durable and wonderfully resistant to water. This will screw tightly to your wall, which means no leakages and wonderful functionality.


  • The price – this is one of the more affordable faucets on this list, giving you a wide array of features that will not break the bank.
  • This faucet is very resistant to corrosion from prolonged exposure to water, making it one of the best investments you can make for your bathroom.
  • You can purchase a few different options in terms of materials, giving you that extra flexibility when it comes to finding something that matches your bathroom decor.
  • This won’t succumb to damage or water spots over time, so you won’t have to worry about it looking grubby in front of your guests.


  • This unit might require more regular cleaning than some of our other units.



Kingston Brass KS265SN Clawfoot Tub Wall Mount Faucet, Brushed Nickel

Kingston Brass Tub Wall Mount Faucet

The first thing you might notice about this faucet is the unique design – coming as it does in a cross, knob and lever handle.

This will add an amazing touch of glamor and class to your bathroom, having the same distinctive taps as they do in all your favorite films – introducing the Kingston Brass Tub Wall Mount Faucet.

This gives your bathroom a vintage feel, with handles that are very easy to use as well as adaptable for a multitude of different settings.

You can use the showerhead or the taps, so whether you fancy a nice, long, luxurious soak in the bath or a quick shower, this faucet will accommodate all your needs.


  • This faucet will be available in many different finishes and designs, giving you several options when it comes to cleaning yourself.
  • This will reduce the number of leaks that you have, as well as staying fixed to your bathtub or your wall firmly and expertly.
  • This design is incredibly elegant and will give any bathroom that added sophistication.
  • The polished chrome design is great for cleaning, you won’t be suffering from any water spots or other issues with this bathtub.


  • This faucet does not come with any tool with which you can mount it, so you might have to make a trip to the hardware store before installation.



    My PlumbingStuff B3100 3 ⅜-Inch Centers Clawfoot Tub Faucet with Ceramic Cartridges & ¼-Turn Ball-Valve Diverter - Diverter Bathcock - Faucet Replacement - Solid-Brass Chrome-Plated - ¾ Male IPS Inlet

    MyPlumbingStuff Clawfoot Tub Faucet

    This next faucet comes with a chrome faucet with a two-handled style very familiar to a lot of homeowners.

    This is probably the most traditional of all the faucets on this list, although it has added durability and style that marks it out as distinctly modern – introducing the MyPlumbingStuff Clawfoot Tub Faucet.

    This bathtub faucet can be easily fitted into most styles of bathroom, with an uncomplicated design that will make the act of running water very simple.

    This has a great ball valve technology that guarantees a smooth operation and will certainly tighten your tap and significantly reduce the amount of dripping that is inevitable after years of use.


    • This two-handle style is perfect for a simple hot and cold operation. Often faucets that use a single lever operation can be confusing, especially for anyone with mobility issues.
    • The construction of this tap is very resistant to rust, which is great if you are planning on using them often.
    • This comes with very easy-to-understand instructions, so you won’t need to spend any extra money on a plumber.
    • This is one of the cheapest faucets on our list, perfect if you want a simple hot-cold design that will blend in with most bathroom decors.


    • Some users have reported that the diverter on this model was slightly loose, which will compromise the entire design of the faucet over time.



    Moen 3931 Replacement 5.5-Inch Tub Diverter Spout with 1/2-Inch Slip Fit Connection, Chrome

    Moen Tub Diverter Spout

    If you want a faucet that comes in a timeless design that will not date your bathroom, then we would certainly recommend this next model.

    It comes in a few compact and streamlined design, with a mirrored chrome-style finish that is easy to clean and will protect it against water erosion – introducing the Moen Tub Diverter Spout.

    This has a great design that you can be sure will be easy to wipe down, with a pin in the tap that will control the water flow.

    This is probably one of the easiest taps to use on this list, giving you everything that you’ll need for reliable and convenient performance.


    • This faucet is probably one of the easiest to clean, with a chrome style of material that will be easy to disinfect and won’t lead to cosmetic damage over time.
    • This tap is very easy to install, you won’t need anything more than a basic wrench and screw to keep the tap fixed in place.
    • The design of this faucet will not age, meaning that as the years go by it is one thing that will not make your bathroom look out-of-date.
    • The polished chrome is highly resistant to any water damage, which is perfect if you plan on having daily showers.


    • The spout on this is plastic rather than metal, so it will not be as durable as some of the other models on this list.



    DANCO Universal Tub Spout without Diverter, Brushed Nickel, 1-Pack (89247)

    Danco Universal Tub Spout

    This faucet is one that is made from brass, a highly resistant material that you can be sure will be able to stand the test of time.

    This comes in a fancy bronzed design that will definitely liven up any bathroom that is suffering from a bad case of out-of-date decor – introducing the Danco Universal Tub Spout.

    This faucet comes with a slip-fit design that will be very easy for you to install. If you have a few tools lying around and a whole lot of patience, then this tap will be quick and hassle-free to fit.

    This kit comes with a plumbing adapter, some plumbing tape, and even a wrench to make the whole process a lot more efficient.


    • This will give your bathroom that distinctly modern touch, with gold trim that will definitely add a sense of refinement.
    • This comes with a slim-fit design that you can be sure will give you all the necessities for a sure and simple installation.
    • This kit comes with a complete set of tools, which is great for the entry-level bathroom renovator who might want to save a few dollars on hiring a plumber.
    • The brass is very durable and resistant to water corrosion. If you are planning on taking multiple showers or baths during the week, then we would strongly recommend a titan like this one.


    • Despite the tools that come with this kit, some users have reported that the assembly has been very tricky.



      Moen T943BN Eva Two-Handle Deck Mount Roman Tub Faucet Trim Kit, Valve Required, Brushed Nickel

      Moen Roman Tub Faucet

      Our last faucet has an amazing design that will certainly pique the interest of anyone looking for that sleek and almost alien-like flavor for their bathroom.

      This one will give your bathroom that floral feeling, with a swan-like neck and individual petal-shaped handles that you can use to control the hot and cold – introducing the Moen Roman Tub Faucet.

      You can adjust the water flow very smoothly with the responsive handles. This faucet is made from oil-rubbed nickel, which is both incredibly durable and looks very glamorous in any bathroom.

      This will 100% turn the heads of any guests visiting your home, which is very important if you are trying to make an impression on new neighbors.


      • This is probably the most eye-catching design of all the models that we have on this list. If you are looking to revitalize your old bathroom, a great place to start is this one.
      • The two handles are very sensitive, so you can adjust them to have the exact water flow that is right for you.
      • This has a very simple and streamlined design, which won’t take up too much room in your tub.
      • For all the fancy design, this faucet is actually very traditional, with a two-handle and spout design, it is great for someone who prefers a more conventional bathroom.


      • This spout does not come with any installation parts, so you might be finding yourself making a trip to the hardware store.

      Best Bathtub Faucets Buying Guide

      There are a few things that you need to consider before buying your next pair of taps: how stylish are they going to be in your particular bathroom? How much room will they take up? How functional are they? How easy are they to install?

      These are just a few things that you’ll need to be asking yourself to get a faucet that is both reliable and won’t corrode after years of exposure to water. Here are just some things that you’ll need to think about in-depth:

      How Many Handles Do They Have?

      As you have already seen, there are many styles of handles that you can have for your spout. You can have the traditional two-handle setup that will allow you to easily distinguish between hot and cold.

      You can also get a lever that you can turn to one side or another, which is more economical but might not be too easy to understand.

      How Easy Is It To Install?

      There are plenty of styles of faucets that offer you a lot of different types of mounting. Here are a few that you should be considering for your bathtub:

      • Center-set faucet – this is the classic single-piece two-handled and a central spout design.
      • Wall-mounted faucets – this is one that you can have connected to your water pipes, they are usually really good for showers.
      • Single-hole faucets – these are faucets with a single lever that you can use to control the water.

      What Is The Design?

      As you can see above, there are many different styles of faucet that are suitable for modern, vintage and minimalist bathrooms.

      A simple spout is very easy to use and will complement most styles of modern bathrooms, although they will look very strange in bespoke bathtubs.

      You’ll also want to pay attention to the finish of your faucets, as this could also affect the overall look of your bathroom. Having a bronze tap will not blend in well with a bathroom that has mostly silver finishings, for example.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How Much Should You Be Expecting To Pay For A Faucet?

      A standard one-piece faucet shouldn’t cost you more than $50, however, if you want something with more features or handles that come separately from the spout, then you could be looking at spending more.

      Some of the sleeker and more ingenious designs will certainly cost you a bit more money, although you can expect greater longevity from a more expensive faucet, so bear that in mind.

      Do You Need A Faucet For A Shower And A Bathtub?

      While there are different types of shower faucets that you can use and be separate from your bathtub, you can get faucets that combine both shower heads and classic turning faucets, which will be very important if you want versatility.

      If you are looking for a standard two-handle and spout one-piece design, then you can probably only be looking to fit them on your bathtub.

      How Long Should A Faucet Last?

      A faucet, if maintained properly, should last you a few years. This will all depend on the materials it is made from.

      For example, a brass faucet will probably last you longer than something that is stainless steel, although brass already has a kind of distressed look, so it will be a lot more susceptible to scuffs.

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