Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or would like to give your home a makeover, the kitchen is such an important part of the home.

You are in the kitchen every day. Multiple times a day. It is where memories are made, as well as food. It is the heart of your home. So we totally understand wanting to make this room as perfect as possible. And when it comes to the kitchen, there is one feature that always stands out. The faucet.

Picking a faucet might seem like a simple task at first. But there are so many things to consider. The design, the color, the spout, and so many other features.

Then you have to consider whether the design you like matches your kitchen. Do the colors match up? Will a modern faucet look strange in a traditional kitchen? So many different aspects could go wrong.

You don’t only have to worry about the appearance of the faucet, you have to think about how practical it is. Do you need a faucet with a spray head?

What about a touch faucet so you don’t get food everywhere? When it comes to buying the right kitchen faucet, there are so many things you might not even realize were important. The worst thing that could happen is you end up with a kitchen faucet you hate.

Don’t panic! That’s where chrome kitchen faucets come in. You might think chrome kitchen faucets are the boring option. However, they are timeless.

Your kitchen decor might change over the years, but a chrome kitchen faucet doesn’t have to. Chrome kitchen faucets are sleek and go with most kitchen designs. You can also easily match up your kitchen appliances with them.

Now that we’ve got the color sorted, you can breathe a little. Although, the hard work isn’t over yet. Don’t worry, our local plumbers are here to help you. We’ve put together a list of the best chrome kitchen faucets.



Delta Faucet Essa Touch Kitchen Faucet Chrome, Chrome Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer, Kitchen Sink Faucet, Touch Faucet for Kitchen Sink, Delta Touch2O Technology, Chrome 9113T-DST

Delta Essa Touch Faucet



Pfister LG534-LPMC Arkitek Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Out Sprayhead, Polished Chrome

Pfister LG534-LPMC Arkitek Kitchen Faucet



Fapully Chrome Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer,Commercial Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet

Fapully Chrome Kitchen Faucet




Delta Faucet Essa Touch Kitchen Faucet Chrome, Chrome Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer, Kitchen Sink Faucet, Touch Faucet for Kitchen Sink, Delta Touch2O Technology, Chrome 9113T-DST

Delta Essa Touch Faucet

If you are worried about cleanliness and hygiene, the Delta Essa touch faucet is the best chrome touch faucet currently available on the market.

When you are in the kitchen hygiene is a number one priority. That is why we had to include an option that prioritizes hygiene. A touch faucet is a great way to avoid the faucet getting contaminated with the mess on your hands as you can touch it with your arm instead. The Delta Essa touch faucet makes using a touch faucet easy.

Instead of having to touch a specific area on the faucet and becoming frustrated when the water doesn’t run, on the Delta Essa touch faucet, you can touch anywhere on the kitchen spout. If you are worried about the temperature of the water don’t worry.

When we were testing this faucet out, we found the LED temperature indicator light to be really helpful. Especially to avoid burning ourselves if the water was set to hot. The TempSense LED light also changes color when the temperature of the water changes.

Ever had a kitchen faucet where the sprayer does not fit nicely in the spout. Well, the Delta Essa touch faucet avoids this problem. The Delta Essa touch faucet has a pull-down sprayer. This sprayer has MagnaTite docking.

This is essentially a magnetic docking system that allows the sprayer to be snapped into place. The magnetic docking system also prevents your kitchen sprayer from drooping as time goes on.

The Delta Essa touch faucet was made with durability in mind. The faucet has Diamond Seal Technology. This technology reduces the chances of leaks as the faucet is made with one-piece supply lines.

As we mentioned before, hygiene is extremely important in the kitchen. The Delta Essa touch faucet understood this, not just by having the kitchen spout being activated by touch, but also through easy to clean features. This kitchen faucet has TouchClean spray holes.

These spray holes make it easy for you to wipe away any calcium buildup or any lime buildup with just a touch of your finger. This means you won’t have to use any harsh chemicals that might ruin the chrome design over time.

Another fantastic feature of this chrome kitchen faucet is the automatic water flow. The automatic water flow feature shuts off the water if the water has been running for over four minutes. Say goodbye to worrying about whether you left the faucet running!


  • Automatic shut off – The automatic shut off feature of this faucet is great for anyone that often worries they’ve left any appliances on.
  • Touch-activated – This faucet understands how important hygiene is with the touch-activated feature. You will no longer have to worry about spreading germs with your hands.
  • Easy to clean – You can easily clean up any buildup of dirt with the wipe of your fingers. This is great for those who do not like using harsh chemicals to clean up.
  • Temperature LED – The LED light sensor indicating the temperature, was a real hit with us. This feature helps prevent any unwanted accidents when using the touch feature.


  • Granite installation – The only issue we found with this faucet is that on some granite kitchen countertops the faucet base swivels a little when pressure is applied.




Pfister LG534-LPMC Arkitek Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Out Sprayhead, Polished Chrome

Pfister LG534-LPMC Arkitek Kitchen Faucet

This chrome faucet might not have the easiest name, but the Pfister LG534-LPMC Arkitek faucet is our best pull-out spray head faucet currently available.
This chrome pull-out faucet has a sleek design that would fit perfectly into modern kitchens.

The angle of this chrome faucet by Pfister gives the faucet a clean and modern look. The polished chrome color would suit many different decors as the faucet would happily blend in with other appliances.

A notable feature of this chrome faucet by Pfister is the different spray modern for the spray head. With this chrome faucet, you are able to switch between spray mode and stream mode on the spray head using the toggle buttons.

When testing this faucet out, we really enjoyed the swivel motion of the spout. The spout is able to rotate 360 degrees. This is great for those wanting a faucet that can reach appliances in different areas.

Another design element we appreciated was the handle. The handle only moves forward so it doesn’t bump into the backsplashes or walls close to the faucet. This is great for those who have sinks close to their walls.


  • Modern – The overall design of this chrome faucet is sleek and elegant. This means that no matter what the decor in your kitchen is, or if you change it, the faucet will most likely match the decor.
  • Handle – The handle is designed so it does not cause damage to the existing features in your home.
  • Spray modes – The two different modes for running water are great for those who use their kitchen faucets for different purposes. The spray mode is great for washing dishes and the stream mode is good for filling up glasses.


  • Splashes – One issue users of this chrome faucet found, was it caused a lot of splashes when washing up.




Fapully Chrome Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer,Commercial Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet

Fapully Chrome Kitchen Faucet

Since we included a pull-out spray head, we also had to include a chrome faucet with the pull-down spray head. Our favorite and best option for a chrome pull-down faucet is the Fapully chrome kitchen faucet.

The Fapully chrome kitchen faucet has a contemporary design. The design of the Fapully chrome kitchen faucet is reminiscent of industrial designs.

This chrome is perfect for those who wish to have a faucet that is eye-catching. The industrial aesthetic of this chrome faucet will fit perfectly in modern kitchens or for those who want to give their kitchen decor an edge.

This faucet by Fapully is a very durable one. The design of the handle makes it durable and ready for a busy kitchen. There is one handle with this faucet that controls the temperature. When testing out this faucet, we found that the spring design on the spout allows the faucet to keep its shape when pulling down the sprayer.

The Fapully pull-down chrome faucet has two spouts. One of the spouts is used for stream mode, great for filling up pots and glasses. The pull-down spray head is what enables the spray mode of this faucet.

The spray mode is great for cleaning dishes as there is a lot of pressure to help remove any food stuck to the pots. The spout of this faucet is also able to rotate 360 degrees. The pull-down sprayer is great for reaching anything you need at the bottom of your sink.

The design of the Fapully chrome faucet makes it a multipurpose faucet. This faucet could be used in the kitchen, a laundry room, a motor home, or even a bar sink.


  • Spray modes – The different spray modes are great for being able to use this faucet for different purposes.
  • Rotating Spout – The spout rotates 360 degrees, meaning you can reach most things you need to wash or fill.
  • Multipurpose – This is a faucet that can be installed in many different rooms. So anyone wishing to purchase this chrome faucet has the option to move it into a different room.


  • Hot handle – When using the hot water the handle gets quite hot, so users need to be wary of this.




FUZ LED Chrome Commercial Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet Single Lever Single Hole High Arc Spring Double Function Faucet Deck Mounted Mixer Tap 360° Rotation…

FUZ LED Chrome Commercial

We understand that when remodeling your kitchen you sometimes need to do it on a budget. Even if you are not on a low budget, it is nice to cut costs when you are able to. That is why we included the FUZ LED chrome commercial faucet. The FUZ LED chrome faucet is our best budget-friendly option.

The FUZ LED chrome faucet caught our attention because of how similar the design is to other more expensive kitchen faucets. The FUZ LED chrome faucet has a similar appearance to the industrial-looking faucets on this list.

This faucet has two spouts, a spray head for spraying mode and a fixed spout for stream mode. What we enjoyed about the spouts on this faucet is the bubbling feature. This chrome faucet has a bubbling feature to soften the water. This is meant to help reduce the chance of splashes.

The most eye-catching feature of the FUZ LED chrome faucet is the LED lighting in the spray head. This LED lighting comes in three colors, pink, green, and blue. What better way is there to make your kitchen a little bit fancier?


  • LED lighting – You can now do the dishes in the dark! The LED lighting is a great feature to make your faucet a little bit cooler compared to other chrome faucets.
  • Budget-friendly – This is a budget-friendly faucet. You don’t need to break the bank to buy a chrome faucet with an industrial aesthetic.
  • Spray modes – The different spray modes are great for all types of faucet purposes.


  • Installation – This chrome faucet can be a little difficult to install. The instructions can be a little confusing for users to follow.




Delta Faucet Keele Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet

Delta Keele Pull-Down Chrome Faucet

We’ve included so many amazing eye-catching chrome faucets in this list. Due to this, we felt it was necessary to include a minimalist chrome faucet for those who want their faucet to blend in with the environment.

Just because the Delta Keele chrome faucet is minimal in terms of its appearance does not mean it is minimal in the features it offers.

The Delta Keele chrome faucet has a pull-down spray head that is cleverly disguised in the design. The pull-down spout has two modes, spray, and stream. The pull-down spout is secured back to the rest of the faucet using magnets.

This chrome faucet has a single handle, which emphasizes the minimal sleek appearance of this faucet. The faucet is also extremely easy to clean thanks to the TouchClean spray holes.


  • Magnetic snap – The magnetic snap feature will stop the faucet from drooping over time.
  • Spray modes – The Delta Keele faucet has two modes for the water, allowing you to change it to whatever mode suits your needs best.
  • Easy to clean – This faucet has spray holes that are designed to be cleaned with the swipe of your finger.


  • Expensive – The design of this faucet may be minimal but the cost is not. This faucet is on the expensive side.

Best Chrome Kitchen Faucets Buying Guide


One of the most important things to consider when buying a faucet is that it matches the existing decor. That’s why chrome kitchen faucets are great because they go with most appliances.

So if it is not the color you have to worry about, it’s the faucet design. There are so many faucet designs to choose from. You could go for a two-handle traditional faucet, an industrial-looking faucet, a barn-inspired faucet, or even a minimal faucet.

Running Water Modes

The way your water runs from a faucet can impact how much you like your faucet. There are usually two modes, spray or stream. A great faucet will offer both modes. If you decide to get a faucet with both modes or are trying to choose a faucet that only offers one, you need to consider the use.

The spray mode of a faucet is great for washing dishes, especially if it has an extendable spray head. However, the stream mode is perfect for quickly filling up glasses as it usually has more pressure.

Turn On Controls

If hygiene is something that is important to you, then considering the control for turning on your faucet is something you should prioritize. The most hygienic control for turning on the faucet is having it be a touchless faucet, activated by a sensor.

If this is not available to you then a touch-activated faucet is the best alternative. This way you can touch the faucet with something other than your hands.

The last option is to have a faucet controlled by your hands. This is the least hygienic option as you will have to turn the faucet on with messy hands.

Extra Features To Consider

One extra feature to consider when purchasing a chrome faucet is whether it has an automatic shut-off feature. This is great for those who often forget to turn the faucet off.

You might also want to consider whether you’d like an LED faucet. These are great for extra lighting when washing dishes. However, some LED options tell you the temperature of your water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pull-Out Faucets Better Than Pull-Down?

Pull-out and pull-down faucets are very similar. There is not much difference in terms of how well they work. It is more of a question of which you prefer in terms of looks. However, the only difference in how well they work is the range. Pull-out faucets have more range than pull-down faucets.

Will A Chrome Faucet Shoot Water Marks?

There is always the risk that your faucet will show watermarks. With chrome faucets, the risk is a little bit higher as the faucet is shiny. However, we would recommend cleaning and drying your faucet frequently to avoid water spots.


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Should I Get A Touchless Or A Touch Faucet?

The answer to this question is based on your personal preferences. Both of these types of faucets are quite hygienic. However, if you would like to ensure hygiene in your home then a touchless faucet is always the best choice.


This brings us to the end of our review looking at the best chrome kitchen faucets. We hope we were able to help you decide which faucet was best for you!