Delta Faucet Lenta Touch Kitchen Faucet Brushed Nickel, Kitchen Sink Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer, Touch2O Technology, SpotShield Stainless 19802TZ-SP-DST

DELTA FAUCET Lenta Touch Kitchen Faucet


OWOFAN Black Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer Stainless Steel Single Handle Pull Out Spring Sink Faucets 1 Hole Or 3 Hole Dual Function for Farmhouse Camper Laundry Utility Rv Wet Bar

Owofan Touch Kitchen Faucet



CWM Commercial Sink Faucet with Sprayer,Pre-Rinse Kitchen Brass Constructed Polished Chrome with Pull Down Sprayer 26'Height 8' Center with 8' Add-on Spout Deck Mounted

CWM Touch Kitchen Faucet

If the kitchen is the heart of a home, a faucet is the heart of a kitchen. As making food in the kitchen involves a lot of mess, it can be a hassle having to turn on the faucet handle and spread the mess even further.

Even touchless systems involve waving your hand, and potentially pieces of food, around.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find a high-quality faucet that is rustproof and leak-proof. The last thing you want is a faucet that breaks after a month of use.

This is when touch faucets come in. Fitted with both a humanized touch system and a manual handle, you get the best of both worlds to assure a working faucet every time.

We understand the importance of convenience in kitchen appliances, which is why we have found the best touch kitchen faucets on the market.



Delta Faucet Lenta Touch Kitchen Faucet Brushed Nickel, Kitchen Sink Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer, Touch2O Technology, SpotShield Stainless 19802TZ-SP-DST

DELTA FAUCET Lenta Touch Kitchen Faucet

This Delta Faucet product is designed for absolute convenience. It’s at the top of our list because it ticks all of the boxes, from the material to the touch system to its single-hole (or 3-hole) installation. 

Available in a variety of colors to suit any kitchen design, this touch faucet is made of a durable metal. It is covered in industry-standard Delta’s DIAMOND Seal Technology to prevent leakage.

The touch system itself covers the whole of the faucet spout, so you can simply tap your wrist or forearm to the faucet to start or stop the water. 

As well as a regular faucet, this unit has a pull-down sprayer function with a magnetic docking to keep it in place when not in use.

Despite the touch system throughout the faucet spout, the faucet can tell the difference between grabbing and touching the spout to prevent activation with the pull-down sprayer. 

The water itself has 90% less splatter than other faucet sprays and is designed to clean tough messes with high-pressured water.

The touch system requires 6 AA batteries and is equipped with a regular handle for when these batteries run out. This is indicated by an LED light system that will flash red. 


  • Touch system covers the whole of the faucet spout for convenience
  • Good water pressure to clean stubborn mess
  • Visually attractive with different colors to match any kitchen


  • Hose under the sink needs room when the faucet spout is in the neck piece, as it is long




    OWOFAN Black Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer Stainless Steel Single Handle Pull Out Spring Sink Faucets 1 Hole Or 3 Hole Dual Function for Farmhouse Camper Laundry Utility Rv Wet Bar

    Owofan Touch Kitchen Faucet

    This Owofan faucet sports a stylish and sleek matte black color, equipped with a smudge and fingerprint-free finish to maintain its original, clean state.

    Matched with its touch system on the entire faucet spout and neck, this is an ideal faucet for those who want to get messy in the kitchen without spreading the mess.

    Made of stainless steel and brass, this faucet comes with three water modes. Stream is the regular setting, spray offers high-pressured water to clean stubborn messes, and pause stops any splashing quickly.

    These can be changed by the convenient buttons on the head of the faucet – handy for the pull-down function! The pull-down function itself has a 360° swivel spout, which is ideal for cleaning the sink after washing up.

    This faucet can be controlled and adjusted in three different ways: the touch system on the spout and neck, the buttons on the head, and the manual handle.

    This is ideal for when it isn’t convenient to use one of the adjustment systems, as there are two other options available.


    • The most stylish faucet on our list in a sleek matte black
    • Three adjustment systems including touch, buttons, and a regular handle for convenience
    • Three water modes controlled by buttons for easy cleaning


    • Adapter may be needed to connect the short hose to the water line




    CWM Commercial Sink Faucet with Sprayer,Pre-Rinse Kitchen Brass Constructed Polished Chrome with Pull Down Sprayer 26'Height 8' Center with 8' Add-on Spout Deck Mounted

    CWM Touch Kitchen Faucet

    This product stands out for its durability. Made of stainless steel, this faucet is designed to last over several years.

    The stainless steel material is lead-free for health safety and is finished with a ceramic cartridge to prevent leakage. This finish is also corrosion and rust resistant for easy cleaning. 

    This faucet comes with a pull-down sprayer function with two water modes. Unlike other faucets, the head of this product blends in with the spout of the faucet to create a seamless design.

    The pull-down function is essentially a secret bonus! The faucet head comes with a slim button to control the stream mode. 

    The humanized touch system is available throughout the spout of the faucet for ultimate convenience.

    It also comes with a regular handle for when the batteries run out – ideal for those who prefer to control the water manually, too. 

    If for some reason the faucet is left on, it is equipped with an automatic system that turns off after 2 minutes to prevent mass water loss. 


    • Solid construction for maximum durability – ideal for withstanding hard water
    • Modern design with a sleek spout and hidden pull-down function
    • Automatic shut-off system to save water and energy


    • Batteries must be purchased separately




      Qomolangma Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, Single Level Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Faucets, Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

      Qomolangma Touch Kitchen Faucet

      This is an ideal touch faucet for those on a budget. Whilst the affordability may make people skeptical, this is a durable product made of lead-free stainless steel – designed to last a long time.

      Finished with brushed nickel, it has a shiny and modern appearance. The brushed nickel finish also means that the faucet is smudge and fingerprint resistant, so you only have to wipe it down with a cloth at the end of the day. 

      The touch system is activated by touching the spout of the faucet to start and stop the water. This can also be controlled by the regular faucet handle for when the batteries run out or for those who prefer manual adjustments. 

      This faucet is equipped with a pull-down spray function with two water modes: a stream mode for regular faucet water, and a spray mode for cleaning tough messes. This is controlled by the button situated on the head of the faucet when pulled down. 


      • Very affordable for those on a budget
      • Two water modes in pull-down sprayer function for convenient cleaning
      • Single hole installation for straightforward assembly


      • Written instructions don’t match the installation video




        Black Kitchen Faucet,Pull Down Sprayer Black rv Kitchen Faucet and Farmhouse,Single Handle Pull Out Solid Brass Black High Arc Brass Kitchen Sink Faucet

        HVNVN Touch Kitchen Faucet

        If you have a color palette in your kitchen that you’d like to achieve, this is an ideal product for you. With 6 different design options, there’s a faucet for every kitchen!

        It is designed with convenience in mind with its humanized touch system on the spout. If the water is left on for 3 minutes (whether there is an issue with batteries or someone has forgotten to turn it off), it will automatically shut off to save water.

        The pull-down spray function offers two modes which are controlled by a handy button on the head of the faucet. The stream mode is ideal for general cleaning, whilst the spray mode is there to target tough messes quickly – ideal for saving water.

        The single-hole installation of this faucet is straightforward and comes with a standard ⅜” water hose to fit most kitchens. This faucet is made of brass and comes with rubber washers that can be tightened to prevent leakage.


        • Multiple color options to suit every kitchen
        • Pull-down spray function comes with two modes for easy cleaning
        • Straightforward single-hole installation
        • 90-day money back guarantee and 3-year warranty


        • Touch system may be noisy if installed incorrectly

        Touch Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

        Why You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Buy a Touch Faucet

        A touch faucet is all about providing convenience to a kitchen. Picture this: you’re baking with the kids. Dough is everywhere, your hands are covered, and your phone has just started ringing.

        You don’t want to pick it up with your dirty hands, but you don’t want to leave doughy fingerprints all over your new faucet. Aha! Simply activate the water with a touch of your forearm. No mess!

        Not only do they prevent mess spreading, but touch faucets are super handy for preventing the risk and contamination of germs and bacteria.

        Of course, touch faucets can be used like normal faucets with a manual handle. This is useful for when the batteries of the touch sensor run out – unless you connect it to a power supply instead, which is great as you don’t have to replace batteries.

        The majority of touch faucets come with a pull-down spray option, which is ideal for washing up. Simply pull the faucet head down, and the faucet is extended. This function is equipped with two (sometimes three) water modes: stream and spray.

        The stream option works like a normal faucet for regular cleaning, whilst the spray option offers a thinner and high-pressured stream of water to clean away stubborn mess.

        Another unique feature that touch faucets offer is that they come with an automatic shut-off system that turns off the water after 2-3 minutes – ideal for saving water!

        However, when looking to buy a touch faucet, there are some cons to consider. Some touch faucets are more sensitive than others, which means they could be activated by accidental touches.

        Also, most touch faucets are run by a battery-operated system, which means regular replacements are necessary. Of course, the manual handle is there for when this happens, but what’s the point of getting a touch faucet if the touch system doesn’t work?

        How Touch Faucets Work

        Touch faucets work similarly to a touchscreen smartphone. This capacitive sensing system can identify the warmth of human skin upon touch, which then activates the water.

        All it requires is touching your wrist, palm, forearm, or fingers to the spout of the faucet. The water will remain to pour until your hand or forearm moves away from the faucet, where the sensor will automatically turn the water off.

        Touch faucets are run by batteries or, in some cases, a power supply. Some people often buy rechargeable batteries or a power supply to save time and money on replacing batteries.

        Some faucets indicate when the touch system is in use by an LED light system. It will light up blue when the touch system is activated, and flash red when the batteries are running out.

        Touch vs Touchless

        Where touch faucets are activated by a humanized touch system, touchless faucets are activated by a motion sensor. The clue is in the name of these faucets, as they require no touch.

        There isn’t a clear answer to say which is better than the other, because it mostly comes down to personal preference.

        Of course, touchless kitchen faucets are the best for convenience, however, this does mean the sensors are more sensitive to accidental movements. It’s almost like when you walk past a hand dryer in the restroom and it turns on unexpectedly.

        Though the same argument could be used for touch faucets, most touch-activated faucets can tell the difference between a deliberate touch and a rub to clean the spout.

        What to Look For in a Touch Faucet

        Before you start looking for a touch faucet, you need to find out how many holes your sink has. This will indicate the installation process. Fortunately, most faucets and most sinks have a single-hole installation.

        The material of a touch faucet is most important. Cheaper materials such as aluminum are more likely to leak and corrode over time, so you want to make the most of your money. The best faucets are made from brass or stainless steel, which are designed to prevent leakage and are most durable for long use.

        The finish is also important. Brushed nickel is a popular faucet finish, as it remains shiny and prevents fingerprints and smudges. It is also corrosion and rust-resistant. All it needs is a wipe down every now and then!

        The length of the hose is worth considering. Some faucet hoses are longer than others, which may provide problems in the installation. It is best to make sure you know how much room is underneath your sink because you don’t want to have to sacrifice storage space for the sake of keeping a hose from toppling items over.

        Finally, consider the placement of the battery pack. If you’re willing to make regular battery replacements, it might be worth fixing this in a suitable area to do this underneath the sink. Some people like to use rechargeable batteries or a power supply (if appropriate with the faucet) to avoid constant replacements.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Are touch kitchen faucets worth it?

        The convenience of touch kitchen faucets alone is enough to say they are a worthy investment. Whilst they are more expensive than regular faucets, this is for good reason!

        The convenience of activating the water by humanized touch is straightforward, helps to keep the faucet clean, and prevents the spread of germs and bacteria.

        Whilst battery replacements are necessary (unless the faucet is connected to a power supply), the cost of running a touch kitchen faucet may be less than a regular faucet over time.

        This is because touch faucets have an automatic shut-off that regular faucets do not have, so they will turn off after 2-3 minutes. This saves water and money off the water bill!

        Who makes touch faucets?

        The most popular company that makes faucets is Delta Faucets.

        Delta Faucets are experts in kitchen and bathroom appliances and continue to upgrade their technology with every new faucet model.

        Do touch faucets require electricity?

        Yes! Touch faucets are activated by a touch sensor which requires electricity to work. This electricity is usually supplied by batteries – whether regular or rechargeable.

        Some touch faucets are also connected to a power supply, which is useful for saving time and energy on battery replacements.

        It’s worth noting that there is often a myth about touch faucets. According to some skeptics, touching a touch faucet will electrocute the user.

        This cannot be further from the truth, as the electricity supply does not come into direct contact with the water. The materials of the faucets are also designed to prevent this!

        How long do batteries last in a touch faucet?

        Whilst we have spoken about battery replacements in this article, touch faucet batteries last up to 2 years.

        Even if you are concerned about battery replacement, it’ll only be once every two years with AA batteries!

        C batteries last much longer, averaging around 5 years before replacement.

        Can a touch faucet work manually?

        Yes! The regular faucet is there for when the battery runs out, or for those who prefer to use it.

        Why is my touch faucet dripping?

        Dripping in a touch faucet is usually down to a faulty cartridge. This is located within the valves and can often become loose, which will cause leaking or dripping.


        Save time and $$$ with a no obligation quote from recommended plumbers nationwide. It takes just 30 seconds.

        Fortunately, this can be easily replaced! Just make sure to check your manufacturer’s warranty on parts, as you could be guaranteed free replacements.

        Dripping and leaking faucets are, unfortunately, unavoidable in faucets that have been used for years. This is because the build-up of minerals will weaken the cartridge, so it will need to be replaced eventually.