Has the favourite seat in your house seen better days? Is it damaged or just looking old and outdated? Renovating or remodeling? Updating to a more modern, technologically advanced or water-efficient model? The list of reasons to replace a toilet – or install one from scratch – is as long as the drainpipe that carries the waste to the sewer system. The list of resources clearly explaining toilet replacement cost, however, is much shorter.

Calculating toilet replacement cost is difficult

We’re happy to help you get your head around that difficult-to-calculate toilet installation cost. Let’s start breaking down what you might need to be budgeting for:

1. The cost of the toilet

What’s that new toilet cost? Before we can get to the total plumber cost to replace a toilet, we’ll need the new toilet itself! Obviously, depending on the quality and features of your new throne, the cost differs – but for standard models, set aside $200-$750 or so.

Popular replacement types include skirted toilets and one piece toilets for their sleek look and ease of cleaning.

2. The cost for a plumber to install a toilet

How much is a new toilet from a labor perspective? The answer is that all plumbers price their services slightly differently, but you’re looking at $45 to $150 per hour roughly. It will take a few hours if it’s the cost to replace a toilet you’re interested in, and another few hours if it’s a brand-new toilet installation from scratch. And even longer if additional toilet plumbing is needed.

3. The removal & disposal of old toilet

Your plumber may bundle this service with their normal hourly rate, especially for the mere removal of the old toilet, but you could also be up for up to an extra $100 or so.

4. The plumbing & piping adjustments

If the tweaks your plumber needs to make to the plumbing are minor, it could be just $50-200. But for a brand new installation, creating the new connections will obviously be a lot more – up to $1000 but probably lower in ordinary existing homes.

5. The permits & inspections

For a simple toilet replacement, this one may not be relevant at all. But even if you will require a permit, approval, and post-installation inspection, it will be quite affordable. For a brand-new installation, however, it can be quite a bit more – from $100-$500.

6. Any additional upgrades/features

The costs here are difficult to break down because it really depends on what you’re looking for. For luxury features like bidets, heated seats, and more, budget for $100-$500 but also expect more.

7. The potential floor repair/modification

You’ll need more than a plumber for this one, but if your old toilet has left damage behind or the new model has a different footprint that needs post-installation floor work, that could be another few hundred dollars. And more for a brand-new installation.

8. Any accessibility considerations

It’s also possible that you’re looking for specific accessibility additions, like grab bars or a toilet set at a specific height so that the users are well-serviced. For that, budget for $50-$300.

9. Your geographic location

Where are you in the USA? Bear in mind that rates – parts and labor – vary significantly across our great country, so factor in a 20-40% variation.


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10. After-hours installation

If the need for toilet installation has caught you by surprise and you simply can’t wait, great plumbers offer life-saving emergency service – but that can actually double the cost!

How much to install a toilet? The best plumbers know!

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