No one likes a dirty toilet. Everyone appreciates and likes a neat and clean toilet. That is why keeping the toilet clean is very important and we should try to keep it clean as much as possible. But by washing it and rubbing it with a market brought toilet cleaner and scrub is not enough. Toilets often need more deep cleaning. If the area between the water tank and the siphon jet is dirty then it can make the whole toilet dirty pretty fast.

You’ll make your toilet dirtier if these areas are not cleaned properly. It will leave strain every single time to your toilet bowl when you flush. It can also make your flush work slower. To make your flush working properly and strain free toilet you need to clean siphon jet. We will discuss how to clean toilet siphon jets in an effective way using simple household products.

What is a siphon jet?

By pulling or pushing the flush button or flush lever we flush the toilet. due to the flush valve the water from the tank flows into the toilet bowl. The bowl holds the water and then it dips into the bowls outlet. There remains some extra water. The job of a siphon jet is to hold the water until next flush. Siphon jets are under the toilet rim and they cannot be seen. That is why most people do not know about them and also do not think to clean them.

What is the role of siphon jet?

Due to siphon jets the water starts to flow from the toilet bowl. They are angled such a manner that the water flows in a diagonal direction. Due to this it also increases the flush efficiency.

Signs of clogged siphon jet

In several ways the siphon jets of your toilet usually get clogged. Often the siphon jets get clogged due to mineral deposits. It found that calcium scale and lime often deposits on the toilet rim. That causes the block of siphon jets. As a result, your flush does not work properly. You may often face that your toilet is not flushing completely or it is taking a very long time to lower the water level from the bowl. Often the diagonal form of water may seem vertical if the siphon jets are clogged.

As the jets get clogged due to mineral deposits so it more likely forms bacteria on the jets as well. Due to the constant flow of the water on the bottom of the rim bacteria cannot stay there. But if the jets are clogged bacterial colonies can form there. If a toilet is not used for a long time the probability of bacterial growth on the toilet increases at a very high rate.

Checking for clog on the siphon jets

By using a mirror, the condition of toilet siphon jets can be determined very easily. Wear gloves first then hold the mirror under and rim of the toilet. now look through the mirror on the jet holes. If you see black or dark orange spots, then there are bacterial colonies. Or if there is scaly or light color on that holes that means there is mineral deposits. The Presence of these colors mean you need to do deep clean toilet siphons.

Effective ways of cleaning siphon jets

01. Cleaning the bacteria out:

We all know that toilets contain a lot of bacteria. But there are several places where bacteria remain even after cleaning with toilet cleaner. Many of us do not have any idea about such places. A lot of bacteria can be under the toilet rim and siphon jets holes. Cleaning these areas are also necessary to make your toilet clean properly. By following some simple steps, you can do it. Cleaning siphon jets using bleach solution-

Step-1: make a bleach solution first. To make this solution use one part of bleach and ten parts on water. Pour the bleach into water and you’ll get the solution. You can buy bleach online Simple Green 13005CT Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser, Concentrated. This bleach solution is one of the best bleach out there. It can effectively clean toilet stains and debris.

Step-2: in the step first remove the flush tank lid. Inside the tank in the middle there is a tube which is known as the overflow tube. The overflow tube is generally made of plastic or metal pipe. It is placed in the middle of the tank vertically. A rubber tube should be clipped on the top of the tube. You need to pour the bleach solution that you made in the previous step in it.

Step-3: let the bleach solution stay on the tube for five minutes and after the time flush the toilet.

Step-4: in this step you need to clean the jet holes. For that you need a wire. Use the wire to scrape every single jet hole. For a proper view of that area you have to use a hand mirror. Through the mirror you can see the jet holes properly and can clean them. Make sure that you clean every jet holes as well as possible.

Step-5: After cleaning the siphon jets you need to clean its surrounding area as well. Use a chemical solution and scrub pad to clean those areas. In case of cleaning solution Lysol Power, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 24oz is the best cleaner on the market right now. It will make your toilet shine like new.

Step-6: in this part again put bleach solution into the overflow tube and wait for five minutes. Then flush the toilet again and this is the final time.

If you often face bacteria problems in your toilet, then you can put some bleach into the overflow tube. Never put toilet cleaner in that tube. It can make harm to the rubber parts and it can also make harm to your toilet. that can cause you to lose your toilet warranty as well.

02. Cleaning Out Mineral Deposits:

The process of cleaning the mineral deposits is quite similar to the process of cleaning bacteria. But in this process we will use vinegar instead of bleach. You can clean toilet jets with vinegar and it is very effective.

For this process you are going to need a couple of things:

  1. Toilet brush (Rubbermaid FG631100 White 5-Inch Toilet Bowl Brush Holder is one of the finest toilet brushes on the market. It does its job properly.)
  2. White vinegar (for toilet cleaning 30% Pure Vinegar – Home & Garden 1 Gallon is very good. This vinegar is the first choice of many users)
  3. Hand gloves (Tusko Products Best Nitrile Rubber Cleaning, Household, Dishwashing Gloves) hand gloves are quite perfect for wearing while cleaning a toilet.)
  4. Toilet cleaner (Lysol Power, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 48oz is the best cleaner on the market right now. It will make your toilet shine like new.)
  5. Paper towels

Step-1: make the paper towel wet by dipping it in white vinegar. Make sure that the paper towel is wet but not dripping.

Step-2: place the paper towel under your toilet rim. Make sure you cover the whole area of the toilet rim.

Step-3: let the paper towel stay there for some hours and after that you can remove the paper towel.

Step-4: after removing the paper towel use toilet cleaner and toilet brush to clean the area more properly.

Another effective way of cleaning mineral deposits

When vinegar is heated it works extremely well than the normal condition. You need to warm the vinegar, make sure that the vinegar is not boiling but just warm. You should maintain 120 F temperature.

Step-1: take 9 to 12 ounce of vinegar and make it warm.

Step-2: put the warm vinegar into the overflow tube of the flush tank.

Step-3: let it stay there for around 30 minutes and then flush the toilet.


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Step-4: after that you need to clean the siphon jets. You need to do this using Allen wrenches (TEKTON Long Arm Ball End Hex Key Wrench Set, 13Piece (1.27-10 mm) this wrench will deliver you very good performance for cleaning the jet holes). Use the wrench to clean the jets. As you do increase the size of the wrench and move forward. After cleaning it flush the toilet and make your toilet debris free. Use the help of a hand mirror to check that you did correctly or not.

Final Word:

In this article of how to clean toilet siphon jet we tried to cover every method. By following these simple steps, you can easily do deep cleaning of your toilet. For bacteria and mineral deposits free toilets these methods work effectively. Following these tips and tricks you can keep your toilet clean for a very long time. Hopefully, this article will help you to clean toilet siphon jets and you’ll get a bacteria free toilet.