Sanilo Soft Close Toilet Seat ROUND, Quiet and Slow Close Lid and Seat, Strong Bumpers and Hinges, Rustic

Sanilo Round Toilet Seat


MAYFAIR 841EC 047 Cameron Toilet Seat will Never Loosen and Easily Remove, ROUND, Durable Enameled Wood, Black

Mayfair Cameron Toilet Seat



Bemis 200SLOWT 165 Toilet Seat will Slow Close, Never Loosen and Easily Remove, ROUND, Plastic, Mint Green

Bemis “Ž200SLOWT Toilet Seat

If you’re looking for a way to liven up your bathroom, you may be feeling at a loss for where to begin.

The bathroom is a room that we all use every day, so it’s only natural that you’ll get the urge to try out a new color scheme every once in a while. However, most bathroom redecoration projects require a lot of time, commitment, and money.

If you choose to switch up the tiles, for example, there will be a lot of organization and spending involved, which could be disastrous if you don’t like the end result.

With that being said, the good news is that there is a way you can add a splash of color to your bathroom decor without breaking the bank: a colored toilet seat!

A colored toilet seat is the perfect way to make your bathroom look and feel more fun and inviting. However, it’s also not too expensive and is easy to replace (if you know how to replace a toilet seat) as needed, which takes a lot of pressure off.

Today, we will be reviewing the top 5 colored toilet seats on the homeware market. By the end of our review section, if you don’t feel confident with making your purchase, you can check out our buyer’s guide and Frequently Asked Questions for further assistance.

Best Colored Toilet Seats Reviews



Sanilo Soft Close Toilet Seat ROUND, Quiet and Slow Close Lid and Seat, Strong Bumpers and Hinges, Rustic

Sanilo Round Toilet Seat

If you have a round toilet, which is the most common toilet shape, then the best colored toilet seat for you is the Sanilo Round Toilet Seat.

This is a wooden toilet seat, so it will be much more comfortable to sit on than ceramic or plastic units, both in terms of texture and temperature. The material feels relatively warm against the skin compared to other materials.

Something else we really appreciate about this toilet seat is the fact that it’s a slow-closing unit. This means that you won’t have to lower the seat all the way down manually to prevent it from slamming, which saves time and effort.

In addition to being a round toilet seat, which indicates that the seat will fit most toilets, the Sanilo Round Toilet Seat is length-adjustable. The seat can be adjusted between 15.3 and 17.1 inches in length, so it’s widely compatible with toilet models.

And it’s not just the length of this toilet seat that’s accommodating. This seat’s hinges can support up to 440 lbs of weight, so you can rest assured that it won’t break under pressure.

The best thing about the Sanilo Round Toilet Seat, however, is the feature that you came to this article for: color. This toilet seat is available in a wide range of 21 colors and patterns, giving you plenty to choose from.

From mosaics to floral patterns in a multitude of different colors, you’ll never end up with a boring bathroom if you buy from Sanilo.

The only potential issue to bear in mind with this toilet seat is that it can be quite tricky to line up the hinges during installation. They have to be perfectly aligned, otherwise the installation process will come to a standstill.


  • Wooden construction: Comfortable and warm
  • Slow-closing: Quiet operation
  • Adjustable length: Widely compatible
  • 440 lb weight limit: Strong and durable
  • 21 color options: Plenty of aesthetic choice


  • Hinge alignment can be tricky: May be confusing to install



MAYFAIR 841EC 047 Cameron Toilet Seat will Never Loosen and Easily Remove, ROUND, Durable Enameled Wood, Black

Mayfair Cameron Toilet Seat

We know that our top pick isn’t exactly the most budget-friendly on the market, so if you want to makeover your toilet without overspending, the Mayfair Cameron Toilet Seat is probably your best option.

Another round toilet seat, the Mayfair Cameron will fit the majority of toilet units that are built to accommodate round seats. This toilet seat is made of enameled wood, so it’s pretty resistant to wear and tear like scratching.

Thanks to Mayfair’s STA-TITE attachment mechanism, you’ll be able to install your new toilet seat very securely, minimizing any potential wobbling or shifting during use.

Speaking of the STA-TITE feature, this type of fastening system also makes the Mayfair Cameron Toilet Seat very easy to install. It quite literally snaps into place with the help of a wrench, which is the only tool you’ll need for installation.

And of course, the Mayfair Cameron Toilet Seat comes in an appealing range of colors. We’ve chosen to link you straight to the black model today because it’s Mayfair’s most popular Cameron Toilet Seat color.

A black toilet seat will fit in nicely with a classic black and white color scheme if that’s what you’re going for. However, you can find the same toilet seat model in a variety of colors, includingpink,forest green,seafoam,beige, and more.

While the attachment mechanism and overall construction of this toilet seat are both durable, it is possible that the colored paint may chip away over time. If you treat the toilet seat with care, though, it should last you a long time.


  • Enameled wood: Durable construction
  • Round shape: Compatible with most toilets
  • STA-TITE mechanism: Secure attachment
  • Stress-free installation: Only requires a wrench
  • 7 colors available: Fits with many color schemes


  • Color may chip over time: Handle with care



Bemis 200SLOWT 165 Toilet Seat will Slow Close, Never Loosen and Easily Remove, ROUND, Plastic, Mint Green

Bemis “Ž200SLOWT Toilet Seat

If you’re comfortable with the idea of paying a higher-end price for your new colored toilet seat, the Bemis 200SLOWT Toilet Seat is the best colored toilet seat for you.

Once again, this is a round toilet seat that has been designed to fit the vast majority of toilet units from various manufacturers. So, as long as you have a round toilet from a reputable manufacturer, chances are, you’ll experience no issues with the fit.

The installation process for this toilet seat is pretty simple, too. The seat comes with STA-TITE fastenings that can easily snap into place.

You also won’t experience any startling slamming noises or finger injuries with this toilet seat because of its whisper-close hinges. These hinges are specially designed to lower the seat down slowly and quietly for the most pleasant user experience.

The Bemis 200SLOWT Round Toilet Seat is available in several colors in addition to the popular Ming Green shade. You can also find the same seat inVenetian pink,Dresden blue,Yellow,Raspberry, andHarvest gold. Prices may vary between colors.

However, it’s important to remember that this toilet seat is made of plastic, which means that it should be handled with care and not expected to bear heavy loads consistently.


  • Round design: Optimal compatibility
  • STA-TITE fastening: Minimizes movement
  • Whisper-close hinges: No slamming
  • Molded-in coloring: No chipping or scratching
  • Available in many colors: Pink, yellow, blue, green, and more


  • Plastic construction: Not the most weight-bearing design



Sanilo ELONGATED, Silent Slow Close, Molded Wood Adjusting Toilet Seat, Virella

Sanilo Elongated Toilet Seat

Although our top 3 recommended colored toilet seats have all been designed for round toilets, we’re aware that round isn’t the only toilet shape out there. If you’re the owner of an elongated toilet, which is the next most common shape for toilets, then don’t worry ““ Sanilo (the manufacturer of our best overall choice) also produces elongated toilet seats.

The Sanilo Elongated Toilet Seat comes in a range of 18 fun colors and designs to suit any bathroom, no matter how adventurous your chosen theme is.

This toilet seat is made of molded wood, meaning that it feels smooth and comfortable to sit on and won’t get too cold even in the winter months.

If you’re worried that your new toilet seat might not fit your toilet, rest assured that this model is length-adjustable from 16.9 to 18.7 inches, so you have some flexibility.

The hinges used in the construction of this toilet seat are slow-closing, so your use of the Sanilo Elongated Toilet Seat can always be ergonomic and controlled.

However, the bolts might need to be tightened or adjusted periodically because some shifting and movement is possible over time.


  • Molded wood: Smooth texture
  • Length-adjustable: Between 16.9 and 18.7 inches
  • Slow-closing: Ergonomic and quiet
  • Includes installation hardware: No extra purchases needed
  • Comes in 18 colors: Suited to a wide range of styles


  • Some shifting after installation: Bolts may need tightening



Soft Standard Vinyl Toilet Seat, Light Green - 17 Inch Soft Vinyl Cover with Comfort Foam Cushioning - Fits All Standard Size Fixtures - Easy to Install Fantasia by Achim Home Decor

Achim Home Furnishings Fantasia Standard Toilet Seat

Finally, the Fantasia Standard Toilet Seat from Achim Home Furnishings is easily one of thetop colored toilet seat models on the market.

This is a vinyl-covered toilet seat, complete with foam cushioning. These features together provide the most comfortable user experience. The vinyl helps to hold warmth while the padding makes the seat extremely soft and pleasant to sit on.

Because of the adjustable hinges, the Achim Home Furnishings toilet seat is easy to adjust and install in a way that fits your toilet unit. The relevant hardware and brackets are included with the purchase of the seat to make it as easy as possible for you.

This toilet seat comes in 10 appealing color options to fit whatever color scheme you choose for your bathroom. For a more understated look, you could choose the black or bone colors. Alternatively, you could liven up your bathroom with a pink, green, or blue shade.

Buyers should be aware that the Achim Home Furnishings toilet seat is very lightweight, which is great for installation purposes, but can present an annoyance when lifting the lid since the seat often lifts with it.


  • Vinyl covering: Increases warmth and comfort
  • Foam cushioning: Superior softness
  • Adjustable hinges: Widely compatible
  • 10 color options: Aesthetically versatile
  • Brackets included: Easy installation


  • Very lightweight: Seat sometimes lifts with the lid

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing The Best Colored Toilet Seat

Choosing the best toilet seat for your toilet isn’t a decision to enter into without the proper research and consideration.

If you choose the wrong shape or size, you could end up wasting your money on a seat that doesn’t fit. You’ll also need to consider other factors and features to ensure that your new toilet seat is durable and easy enough to use.


Shape And Size

The first and most important factor to consider when buying a toilet seat, colored or otherwise, is the shape and size.

To make sure you’re buying a compatible toilet seat, you’ll first need to verify the shape and dimensions of your toilet. Working out the shape is easy enough.

Most toilets are built to accommodate round toilet seats, and these are the most common toilet seats on the market. If your toilet bowl looks more like an oval, you’re dealing with an elongated toilet and you’ll need an elongated seat.

A less common toilet shape is the square toilet, but these are more difficult to find, especially in colors other than white, which is why we haven’t included any in our review section.

Remember to take measurements of the length of your toilet bowl as well. You can do this using a tape measure or ruler, and you should measure from the fixing holes to the front of the bowl. Many toilet seats are adjustable by a couple of inches when it comes to length, making it easier to achieve the right fit.


Now for the feature we all came here to discuss. If you’re looking for a colored toilet seat, you might already have a color scheme in mind, in which case, all you need to do is find a seat that matches your vision.

Luckily, as you can see from the products we’ve reviewed for today’s article, toilet seats come in a diverse and exciting range of colors.

If you’re just looking for something different from the typical all-white bathroom decor but don’t want to choose anything too bold, you could opt for a classic black toilet seat.

Alternatively, there are plenty of vibrant colors to choose from through online retailers. It might be worth taking into account any colorful items you may already have in your bathroom if you want to start a decorative theme.

Bear in mind that some manufacturers also produce toilet seats with patterns as opposed to block colors. Some examples include a rose design or a seascape, but there are countless patterns to choose from, so if you want to be very bold with your choice of toilet seat, this is another potential option.

Where possible, it’s a good idea to check that any colors or prints have been molded into the material of the seat itself. This makes your chosen design less prone to scratching and chipping.



We highly recommend considering the material used in the construction of your toilet seat before you go through with the purchase. Thinking as to what your toilet seats are made of is important because your choice of material will impact how comfortable your seat is to use.

Enameled wood is an excellent choice because it’s durable and has a soft, smooth texture for comfort. Plus, wooden toilet seats don’t get as cold as ceramic or plastic ones.

Plastic or polypropylene toilet seats are very common, although they’re often not as durable as wooden seats. However, they are typically more lightweight.

Also, bear in mind that a hard toilet seat is not your only option. Our Highly Commended toilet seat, for example, is covered in vinyl and padded with foam cushioning.

This is a great material choice if you want to feel as comfortable as possible when using the bathroom. Vinyl retains warmth well, while foam padding delivers a more luxurious-feeling experience.

Ease Of Installation

Installing a toilet seat can be tricky, but it doesn’t need to be. If you buy from the right manufacturer, you should end up with a toilet seat that’s easy and uncomplicated to fit.

The first thing to look for if you want to install your new toilet seat easily is hardware. Ideally, your toilet seat should come with all the necessary installation hardware included. The required hardware will vary between manufacturers, but screws and brackets will often come in the package.

Even if all your hardware comes with the toilet seat, however, you might need some tools to complete the job. You shouldn’t need to use anything complicated or heavy-duty. In most cases, a wrench will suffice. With that being said, it’s always best to check this information before the point of purchase.

We also recommend prioritizing patented seat fastening systems such as STA-TITE. This type of attachment system allows you to snap your toilet seat into place quickly. It’s also a very strong and reliable system that doesn’t allow your seat to slip or wobble too much.


A good toilet seat should be ergonomic, so it’s important to think about the experience of actually using the seat before you buy it.

Aside from the comfort levels of different materials, which we’ve discussed in our Material section above, there are several aspects of toilet seat operation you should consider before you buy.

First, slow-close hinges are a must if you don’t want to risk loud toilet seat noises or injured fingers. This type of hinge allows the seat and lid to slowly lower itself as opposed to dropping suddenly.


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It’s also worth noting that while heavier toilet seats might feel like more of an inconvenience to lift, seats that are too lightweight may be difficult to use as well. This is because a very lightweight toilet seat may have a tendency to lift up along with the lid, which isn’t always convenient.