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10 Best Raised Toilet Seat Reviews & Buyer’s Guide [2020 Edition]

Nov 20, 2019 | Blog, Plumbing Product Reviews, Toilet Accessories

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Toilets are crucial components of every home and promote your family’s hygiene. But, have you ever suffered an injury? Well, then you know how hard it is to get access to the toilet. Most toilets come with a standard height, making them inaccessible to people with mobility issues. To avoid the problem, getting the best raised toilet seat is the only solution to improving everyone’s experience in the toilet.

Whether recovering from surgery, very old or handicapped, the toilet seat offers a convenient means of using the toilet. Besides, everyone loves the privacy and being accompanied in that private room does not feel so good!

Raised toilets are efficient, but getting the right one is a tough task. Every site floods with many brands claiming to offer the best experience. In the end, the buyer remains confused. To make things easier, the article offers unique raised toilet seats to help you feel the difference.

Why do you need a raised toilet seat?

Regardless of your gender, you must consider some aspects of life that are very crucial. One major physical difficulty that faces the elderly or those recovering from surgery is accessing the toilet.

Here are the benefits these toilet seats offer-

Extra comfort:

A toilet seat is not similar to the normal toilet. It has a higher height to make it easy for the elderly and other needy people to access the toilet with great comfort.

Important to the disabled:

Handicapped people usually rely on their keen when in need of using the washroom. Raised toilet supports the user’s weight and pee without any discomfort. In short, users no longer need help when going into that room.

Complete stability:

Comfort is what we all love . With these toilets, one will feel steady when sitting on it. The old or the sick ones will get that natural sitting posture.

No accidental trips or fall:

Elderly or handicapped people are prone to falls. Once you adjust the seat to the toilet, they can sit and pee comfortably.

Some come with bonus features:

Most of these seats come with handles to help the user sit and stand with ease. When a seat has legs and handles, it adds more comfort and stability.

10 Best Raised Toilet Seat Reviews

Are you in search of quality and a comfortable toilet seat? You have nothing to worry about. One common mistake that buyers make is to ignore crucial features when looking for a toilet seat. Assuming that all seats work well is a costly mistake as that is putting your loved one in danger. Do not wait until your old parent slips and falls when in the toilet for you to act.

Read the following best raised toilet seat review guide to get the right one.

1. Drive-Medical elevated toilet seat with Removable Padded Arms

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Looking for the best raised toilet seat with handles in place? Then this drive medical toilet seat is right for you. With molded plastic material and 5 inches height, it is surely the right solution. The seat is lightweight, easy to clean, sturdy, and has a simple installation process. Due to its portability, you can use it when traveling and securely well for comfortable use. The padded arms offer enough support when sitting or standing.

The higher toilet seat weight about 300lbs and it is sturdy enough to support most people. What we like most about the seat are the removable arms that are strong enough for use. Seniors will not find it hard to sit or get up from the seat considering its height.


  • Convenient use of the toilet for the handicapped or the elderly.
  • Simple installation.
  • Compatible with most toilet models.
  • Sturdy and stable to hinder accidental falls.
  • Portable.


  • Almost not returnable upon selling.
  • Pricey.

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2. Carex Toilet Seat Riser


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Hip replacement takes a long time to heal. For an easier time in the bathroom, you need the best raised toilet seat for hip replacement and Carex is here for you. The seat riser is very portable to make sure you get the much-needed support wherever you go. Non-skid pads at the lower side make the seat stable enough. The use of non-skid pads means no need for screws or tools to remove the seat from the toilet when moving with it. Moreover, you do not have to remove the toilet lid and sits securely on the toilet.


When it comes to comfort and weight, the toilet seat ranks high. The raiser boosts the toilet height by 5 inches which means that your hip replacement recovery process will move fast. Holding around 300 pounds means you can sit on the toilet even if you are a plus-size person. Falling is a thing of the past with this toilet since it’s very intact to prevent trips and falls.


  • Very stable.
  • Portable.
  • Slip-resistant.
  • Comfortable for all.


  • Some clients say that the seat feels somehow unsteady.

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3. Vive Raised Toilet Seat- 5″ Portable, Elevated Riser with Padded Handles


Vive Raised Toilet Seat

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After undergoing hip surgery, going to the toilet is one thing that you will find difficult to do on your own. However, with the best raised toilet seat for hip surgery that will never happen. The raised toilet is there to offer the needed comfort. It offers an extra height of 5 inches to help you to sit or stand from the toilet. Its sturdy shaped plastic frame offers stability to the user.


While the raised toilets come with amazing features, it is always good to consider the safety it offers to the user. Stability is good enough to make sure that you stay safe while in your toilet. The clear installation manual is helpful when it comes to placing the seat in the safest position.


  • The higher toilet is specially made to boost the comfort of the users, whether recovering from surgery, handicapped, or elderly.
  • The handles have cushions for strong and secure grip.
  • Adds 5 inches extra height to the toilet.
  • Comes with a classy material for security and stability to the users.


  • The seat opening is not large enough.

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4. HealthSmart Elevated Toilet Seat Riser- That fits Round and Elongated Seats


HealthSmart Elevated Toilet Seat

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The health-smart seat remains the best raised toilet seat for the elderly. It raises the toilet at 5 inches making it ideal for seniors or anyone with movement matters. With its universal size, it helps in making it easy to fit into the majority of the raised toilets. Being slip-resistant, it is safe to use for the elderly due to the pads that go well with the toilet bowl. The non-slip pads help in getting the seat in place.


Healthsmart seat holds 250 pounds. It comes with sturdy and molded polyethylene to make it long-lasting. Seniors will get enough comfort and stability since they do not have to worry about falling or slipping. Since you only need pads to secure the seat in place, uninstalling it is simple, making it portable.


  • It boosts toilet height.
  • Has a universal size to make sure it fits standard toilets.
  • Supports up to 250 pounds of weight.
  • Installing it is easy.


  • Does not go well with round toilets.
  • Its anti-slip pads slide a bit.

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5. Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat with arms


Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat

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Looking for a physically fit toilet seat? Well, essential medical supply is what you are looking for. The seat comes with arms making it the best raised toilet seat for seniors. Since older people face challenges when using the bathroom, this seat will aid greatly if well installed. You can easily put the seat on top of the usual one in a raised way. What we like about the seat is that you can easily remove the handle and easily attach them at any time. You will also appreciate the way the seats extended position enables people to comfortably sit on it.


Your elderly relative or friend will love the feeling that comes with the seat. It offers a cushion-like feel, and the cushioned texture adds to the warmth and comfort of the seat. With the seat, your aging parent will not feel cold while sitting on the seat. Pain is one thing that causes discomfort, but the toilet reduces pain due to the padded texture. For those in pain, this seat is the best solution to the issue.


  • Fits well on the elongated as well as the standard toilets.
  • Comes with clear installation manual.
  • Not hard to keep it clean.


  • Is not possible to adjust the hands.

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6. PCP Raised Toilet Seat with Safety Frame- Made in USA


PCP Raised Toilet Seat

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The toilet raiser serves as a raised seat as well as a stability-enhancing frame. The seat comprises molded plastic and has a splash guard with no base. The baseless guard’s purpose is to make sure the waste enters the toilet system directly.


You can adjust the height to 23 inches. Its width goes up to 21 inches. When it comes to weight, the seat can hold up to 275 pounds. What makes it the best raised toilet seat with arms is the vinyl hand grips that offer the greatest comfort when is in the toilet.

The seat is a good substitute for a raised seat since it doesn’t need you to lock it in place. You can travel with it easily when traveling with someone who has mobility issues. Its padded handles offer comfort, making sure they don’t feel any pain when they visit the washroom.


  • Awesome heights of 18 to 23 inches.
  • Incorporates a splash guard that is bottomless.
  • Works in two ways, as a stability frame and a raised seat for the toilet.


  • The 18 inches arm width might be narrow for some people.

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7. Vaunn Raised Toilet Seat with Removable Padded Handles & Locking Mechanism


Vaunn Raised Toilet Seat

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The toilet raiser is the ideal one if you need the best elongated raised toilet seat. It lifts the bowl four-inches higher to lessen the users struggle when they sit down or stand from the bowl. Vaunn raised toilet incorporates an anti-slip surface that comes with push pins. A locking feature is also there to guarantee a stable fit on the bowl. Padded handles that are removable are there to offer a stable grip for a safe toilet environment.


Weighing as little as 5 pounds, the seat is easy to carry and store. The elongated seat has a wider surface for comfortable sitting. The seat fits on both elongated and standard toilets and it is very easy to mount. Irrespective of the problem, Vaunn toilet seat will help in offering a comfortable toilet experience.


  • Lightweight.
  • Does need tools to assemble.
  • Incorporates removable handles.
  • Has an easy locking mechanism.


  • Nothing covers the back of the toilet.

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8. Carex E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat with Handles- Fits Most Toilets


Carex E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat

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Standard toilets are not tall enough for those suffering from various mobility conditions. As a result, you need to add some height to the toilet to make it comfortable. Carex elevated toilet adds 5 inches to the toilet to help seniors access the toilet with great comfort. To make sure that the users are safe and comfortable, the seat comes with handlebars. It’s aluminum frame makes it sturdy and durable. We like that the toilet is lightweight which makes it the best portable raised toilet seat since caregivers can easily carry or store it with ease.


The handlebars come with a great design that flares out a bit. Carex raised seat is not only easy to use but also to clean. Considering its accessibility, anyone with mobility issues can use the seat independently. Besides, sitting or standing from the toilet seat is very easy for everyone.


  • Not hard to use the toilet seat.
  • Offers great comfort.
  • Fast to fix.
  • Not pricey.
  • Caregivers never find it hard to clean.


  • Only compatible with round toilets.

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9. Carex Elongated Hinged Toilet Seat Riser


Carex Elongated Hinged Toilet Seat

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Looking for an elongated seat for surgery recovering person? The Carex elongated toilet seat may work for you. You can easily raise the seat to about 4 inches and it holds up to 30 pounds weight. With its clear user manual, easy and installation is easy.


The good thing about the seat is that you must not remove the original seat when installing the raised one. When the elderly use the toilet seat, he or she needs no help. The reason is that the seat comes with handles securely attached to the seat for easier sitting and standing from the seat. Get one today and make your relatives happy!


  • Soft on the hands since you will not experience any chaffing or rubbing.
  • Easy to adjust the height.
  • Comes with a warranty.
  • Fixing it is not challenging.


  • Only compatible with round toilets.

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10. PCP Raised Toilet Seat, 5-Inch Elevated Height- Lightweight and Portable

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The toilet seat offers a height boost of about 5 inches to make it easy for older people to get to the toilet bowl. For more security and stability, you can fix the seat to the toilet with bolts where it handles 300 pounds of weight. By just fixing the seat over the bowl, your loved one will enjoy the experience.

The raised seat offers simplicity and convenience to the user. Portability is one thing that attracts it to many since caregivers can carry it when on a journey. Its molded-plastic construction offers durability as well as stability when in use. The installation process is easy since you do not need to use any tools. The seat also comes with no drilled holes, to offer a no bleeding surface for bacteria.


  • Holds up to 300 pounds weight.
  • Can easily be installed since all the hardware comes as a package.
  • Offers a 5 inches toilet elevation.


  • The seat only goes with round toilets.
  • Feels somehow unsteady.

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Elevated toilet seats are crucial to everyone with mobility problems. Therefore, if suffering from an injury, recovering from surgery or the elderly, such seats are very important. You can use the toilet conveniently with the use of a raised seat. The best raised seat for toilets is the one that adds height to your original toilet to offer more support. To easily sit or stand from the toilet bowl, these are the seats that you need to get.

What to consider before buying Best raised toilet seat

Raised Seats:

Every raised toilet seat adds extra height to the toilet. While seniors benefit from these seats, you need to make sure it is at the right height limit. Put it on a height where the senior or an ailing person can use it comfortably. Make sure it offers the right relaxation.


The average weight that most raised toilet seats holds is 250 pounds. However, remember that some people are heavier. Make sure you get the right seat with the right weight limit. Check whether the arms and legs of the seat can handle the weight of that person or not.


You need to consider the sturdiness of the raiser once you fix it on the toilet. Some seats come with handles to make sure its stability on the bowl. However, if the senior has the right balance, a simple toilet seat with non-slip pads is good.


A good toilet seat is the one that is easy to install, to remove, and to carry. Besides, not everyone at home will feel comfortable using it. Once the needy finishes using the seat, you can easily put it aside. Even if no one else uses the bathroom, it’s still good to have a portable one.

Choose between round or elongated ones

The toilet seat that you intend to buy should stay compatible with the shape of the original toilet. For an elongated bowl, make sure you get an elongated toilet seat riser. On the other hand, for a round bowl, go for round one. However, if you intend to change the entire toilet, choose the one that is comfortable, easy to clean. Above all, buy the one that has enough room for male genitals if the user is a male.

How easy is it to clean?

Cleanliness is what we all love. You should not experience hardships when cleaning the toilet raiser. After one uses it, always wipe the raiser to keep germs or bacteria away. We don’t say that you need to remove the seat after every use to clean it, but a raised one that is easy to wipe is the best.


While most raised toilet seats are not pricey, some are pricey. Think of how much you are willing to spend on the seat before beginning your search. While some are cheaper than others, it does not mean they have less quality. However, you need to know that while some models are costly, you can still find some cheaper brands offering the same features. Always consider the price as you begin your search for the right raised toilet seat.


Durability remains a great consideration when buying a toilet seat. Make sure you choose the one that comes with good quality features. For a product to remain durable, it needs to come with sturdy construction. Besides, no one wishes to invest in a product that lasts only a few months.

Toilet type:

Choosing the right raised toilet seat is crucial. You need to get a seat that works for your toilet model without ruining the look. Raised toilet seats come in different sizes and shapes and so it’s up to you to get the one that fits most.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an elevated toilet?

You can also call them raised toilet seats. Raised seats boost the toilet’s height to make it easier for people to sit or rise with ease. They also protect the seniors from tripping or falling when using the toilet.

What is the right height for the raised toilet seat?

Many prefer to raise their seats at about 3.5 inches but some lift them higher. The ideal height should always go in line with the height of the user. Besides, comfort is what matters most.

Is a raised toilet helpful?

It definitely is! Every person using the toilet raiser can use the washroom without asking for aid from the caregiver. The almost-standing position makes it easy to use the toilet.

What is the meaning of a toilet lift?

Toilet lifts are the ones commonly known as toilet raisers. Their base sits at the top of the toilet bowl to raise the user to an almost standing elevation. The installation is easy and takes less than 15 minutes.

Why are raised toilets high than the rest?

Staying higher is the toilet seat’s main purpose. The user is usually handicapped, older or suffering from any other mobility issue. The toilet raiser’s aim is to make it easy for you to use the loo easily. It offers an almost standing posture, which makes it easy to stand up from the toilet.

Concluding Remarks:

Raised toilet seats come in various sizes and models. Also, their shapes vary and so you need to get the one that will conform to the toilet bowl. However, finding the right toilet seat is not easy. We compiled the above information on the best raised toilet seat to help you choose the best. Choose any of the above products, you will surely get the most out of the raised toilet seat!

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