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How To Install Raised Toilet Seat Shortcuts – The Easy Way

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Plumbing Guides

It’s something you should think about if you have an older relative living with you who has trouble standing up and sitting down. A raised toilet seat can be an excellent help in this type of situation. Raised toilet seat decreases the distance between the person when they have to sit down on the toilet. By raising the height of toilet seat by a few inches, you can find a huge difference while using the toilet. There are wide ranges of raised toilet seats, and if you are thinking of installing one, you must know the precise instructions to do it. Here is a detailed article about How to install raised toilet seat:

A raised toilet seat makes it easier for older people and for those who have disabilities to use the bathroom. There are different models of raised toilet seats designed to match the needs of modern people. Bubble type raised toilet seat, adjustable raised toilet seat, toilet seat with adjustment knot are popular types of toilet seats. This guide will show you clear steps about how to install a raised toilet seat.

How to Install adjustment knob Raised Toilet seat:

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  • Lift the lid and seat of the toilet
  • To loosen the adjustment bracket, turn the adjustment knob in an anti-clockwise direction to fit the raised toilet seat to fit on the toilet bowl.
  • Place the toilet seat on the toilet bowl rim and check whether the unit is placed fit and flat on the bowl rim.
  • Hook the rear end flanges under the edge of the toilet bowl and make sure the unit sits flat onto the bowl.
  • Center the toilet seat on bowl rim and push the unit back with your hands.
  • Then turn the adjustment knob in a clockwise direction to tighten the unit.
  • Turn until resistance is felt.
  • Turn an extra 1/8 inch till the unit to ensure securely placed around the toilet bowl. Do not use a wrench while doing this step, do it using your hands only.
  • After finishing the process, if the top rear part of the toilet lid hits the unit adjust the seat using the adjustment knob.


This kind of raised toilet seat is not designed for permanent installation. The unit should be loosened, refixed, and retightened every week to make sure the proper fit and usage.

How to install carex raised toilet seat:


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Carex raised toilet is one of the most popular raised toilet seats which are designed with a quick-lock mechanism. Carex quick lock raised toilet seat consists of an innovative design that safely secures the raised seat to the toilet bowl. It is used all around the world and is well known for its quick installation process and good usage. This system adds four inches height when it is secured on the bowl. It features a large front cutout and an extra-wide opening. It is styled for the home bathroom and easy to install without any tools. It attaches securely around the toilet bowl, providing good support to the user. It is designed to support weight up to 500 pounds. This type of raised seat is simple to install and simple to install. Below are a few steps that help you to install carex raised toilet seat:

  • Loosen the toilet seat screw using a screwdriver. You just need to loosen the screws and not completely removing them.
  • Slide up the locking plate in between the toilet seat and toilet.
  • Tighten the toilet seat screws firmly and slip the tabs to the bottom framework. This makes the tabs to come in contact with the surface of the toilet seat rim Using the outer position A or inner position B.
  • Insert quick lock raised toilet seat into the locking place with insert shoe.

How to install quick lock raised toilet seat:

To install a quick lock raised toilet seat, you have to place a flat piece on the toilet seat by unscrewing it. Then screw the unit back by other piece and slide it under that.

Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat:

This type of adjustable toilet seat comes with the feature of adjustable height according to the needs of the user. Here are the steps to install this seat:

  • Lift the top of the toilet and toilet seat. Lower the toilet seat on the toilet bowl and slide the clamps over the bowl. Check if the clamps are aligned properly with a bowl, if not loosen the bolts in between the clamps and seat.
  • After adjusting, tighten the bolts firmly.


Don’t bend metal clamps to fit them around the toilet bowl. If you like to adjust the seat height, loosen the bolts and nuts by sliding the clamps up and down.

Things to examine after the completion of the installation process:

  • Examine whether all the knobs, screws, and bolts are fixed properly on the toilet seat. Loosen bolts and screws may result in the instability of the seat, which may lead to injuries.
  • Some of the raised toilet seats need to be tightened from time to time.
  • Use the toilet seat after installation to ensure it stays in the same position.

How to choose the best-raised toilet seat:


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Aging brings a lot of difficulties, including inconvenient limitations, weakening muscles, injuries, and surgeries. Due to this reason, there may face trouble doing everyday tasks without help. Seniors must choose a good raised toilet seat to make everything easier. This unit brings a positive difference and reduces the risk of injury sitting up and down. There are a lot of different products available in the current market. Make sure to check the height of the unit where you will find various ranges of heights that elevates the toilet seat from two inches to five inches. Also, you need to check the stability of the toilet seat and weight of the toilet seat. Ensure that that weight is not too heavy, which makes the installation process difficult.


We hope you got enough information about how to install raised toilet seat. It is always a better option to install the toilet seat by yourself to avoid any kind of installation charges.

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