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3 Ways on How to Remove Object From Toilet Trap

by | Oct 21, 2021 | Plumbing Guides

If you’re like me, you’ve probably had at least one object end up in your toilet’s trap. While it’s definitely not a fun experience, it’s not as daunting as it may seem to remove the object. In this post, we’ll walk you through the process of how to remove object from toilet trap.

There are a few things you can do to remove the object. For instance, you can try using a plunger.

If it doesn’t do the trick, try removing the object with a coat hanger before you go reaching for the industrial-strength drain cleaner.

Types of Objects That Get Stuck in Toilet Trap

With so many items being brought into the toilet area these days, it is very common for these things to fall off into the toilet bowl and cause severe clogging.

The following are the most common items that usually lead to toilet clogging in most households. We should be careful when using them in the washroom.

  • Plastics

Most toiletries are made from plastics and are usually found above or next to the toilet bowl. The proximity of items such as toothbrushes, tubes of toothpaste, and shampoo bottles makes it easy for such items to find their way into the toilet trap.

  • Cutlery

Cutlery in the toilet! It is a common practice among some households to dispose of food leftovers into their toilet. In such cases, cutleries such as spoons, forks, and knives may end up being dumped together with the leftovers leading to clogging of the toilet.

  • Kids Toys

Children love their toys. This symbiotic relationship between children and toys has made them go everywhere with them. This has proved problematic, especially when they visit the washroom, as it is highly likely for the toys to fall off into the toilet bowl leading to clogging accidentally.

  • Tissue Paper and Paper Towels

The misuse of tissue paper has been a common practice. It is easier for most people to use large amounts of tissue to clean some spillage in the washroom and end up flushing it in the toilet. Similarly, paper towels which are very helpful in personal hygiene often end up being disposed of in the toilet. This has led to unwanted clogging in the toilet trap.

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  • Jewelry

Most people take bathroom visits as an opportunity to freshen up their looks. When we take off that jewelry for easy handwashing, we risk it falling into the toilet.

  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Toilet bowl cleaners like drop-ins are easy targets to fall into the toilet bowl. This is because they are usually kept within the toilet area, so they risk finding their way to the toilet if they are kept around loosely.

3 Ways on How to Remove Object From Toilet Trap

As much as calling the plumber is the favorite option when toilet clogging happens, the following ways can easily remove most toilet clogs.

1. Reach Out Into the Toilet Trap and Grab the Object

When a certain item that can’t be flushed falls into the toilet bowl, it is advisable to grab the item from the toilet rather than flush it. Most people prefer to flush these objects, but this usually leads to clogging the toilet trap.

We can even stock our washrooms with reusable toilet gloves that we can use to pick up fallen objects from the toilet bowl.

You can also try removing the object with a coat hanger.

Simply straighten out the hanger and use the hook end to grab onto the object and pull it out.

It might take a little bit of maneuvering, but it’s definitely better than calling a plumber

2. Use a Toilet Auger

Toilet augers are specifically designed to go through toilet clogs in cases where extreme toilet clogging has occurred.

I would recommend using the RIDGID 59802 K-6 TOILET AUGER as it is corrosion resistant and has large handles that make it easier to bore through any amount of toilet clog.

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3. Use a Special Plunger to Dislodge the Object

Toilet plungers should be in most toilets since they come in handy whenever the toilet clogs, and they are easy for anyone to use.

For those who are yet to get a toilet plunger, the FEIYABDF TOILET PLUNGER is one of the best plungers available in the market.

How to Remove Object From Toilet Trap

It has well-placed convenient handles and a pressure release safety valve that enables users to use it easily.

It can also be used to unclog kitchen and bathroom sinks as well as floor drainage, making it an all-purpose clog remover that every household should have.

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How to Keep Objects From Falling Into the Toilet

Now that we know the most common items that result in toilet clogging, it is high time to familiarize ourselves with the best way to prevent these items from finding their way into our toilets.

1. Clear the Toilet Shelves

While this is an unpopular thing to recommend, it is advisable to clear the toilet shelves from items that can’t be flushed, such as baby wipes, diapers, napkins, and even most feminine hygiene products. The presence of such items makes it easier for a person to flip them accidentally, and they may fall into the toilet.

2. Install Proper Lightning in the Toilet

Adequate lighting makes every item in the toilet to be easily visible. This may make it harder to knock over any item that can cause blockage into the toilet bowl accidentally. It is extremely important to install proper lighting as this largely prevents toilet clogging.

3. Use Proper Toilet Seat Height

Toilet bowls are of different heights, and it is essential to install the appropriate one for the targeted people. Low toilets may make the user strain when getting toiletries like tissues, which may lead to them accidentally knocking off some of these items into the toilet bowl. It is essential to get the right toilet size to bring comfort and prevent avoidable toilet clogging.

4. Upgrade Toilet Accessories

Using towel bars and permanent tissue holders will prevent these items from falling into the toilet. Most toiletries should be kept in well-designed cabinets on the opposite side of the toilet bowl.

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To conclude, the question about how to remove objects from toilet trap is quite common in many households. Luckily, as we have seen, it is easy to prevent objects from falling into the toilet in the first place. Even when it happens, you can easily unclog your toilets in the ways mentioned above.

When we get serious about our toilet wellbeing, we will save ourselves from countless hours of unclogging our toilet bowls.

Likewise, proper disposal of toiletries will make us responsible citizens and, in turn, make us a part of the great global movement of making the earth a sustainable planet.

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