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Fast and Easy Ways: How to unclog a toilet with poop in it

by | Dec 11, 2019 | Plumbing Guides

Unclogging a toilet with human waste is not a very appealing fact. The task is disgusting, embarrassing, and outside the list of your cleaning rituals. However, unclogging the toilet becomes unavoidable when the toilet’s flushing system fails badly, especially because it has been blocked with poop. Knowing how to unclog a toilet with poop in it can make your fixing very easy and saves the time and money you could have spent on plumbing services.

Moreover, using a toilet that is clogged with poop in it is an unpleasant experience due to the nauseating smell and unsavory sight. Therefore, you must know how to unclog a toilet with poop still in it when doing your house cleaning, and you are faced with this predicament. A clogged toilet can happen to any person.

Therefore, having credible knowledge on how to unclog a clogged toilet is highly needed. This is why in this article we equip you with the steps to follow when attending to your broken toilet. It is also beneficial to wear a long waterproof glove to observe proper hygiene during the maintenance process.

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Use of hot water and loosening the toilet’s valve

If you are caught up in this unpleasant situation and you are thinking about how to unclog a toilet with poop in it without a plunger, then look no farther than this trick First, if the poop is filled with water and is almost overflowing the rim, the first thing you should do is to disconnect the valve that supplies water to the toilet. Toilet valves are usually on the left side of the toilet water tank.

In other rare cases, the valve is on the right side, especially if the toilet is not near a corner. The waste deposit that settles at the bottom of your toilet is stool; not dust particles. Next, you will need to boil some water until it is very hot, before pouring it into the bowl to clear the substance. This is the most useful way of unclogging your toilet, especially for people who get easily disgusted and nauseated.

Use of a detergent

When waiting for the water to heat, check if there is some liquid soap in the toilet. If there is no liquid soap, you can opt for dish soap. You can also use shampoo if you do not have any other option. After getting the liquid soap you need, pour it in the toilet bowl. Make sure you apply a lot of it in the toilet bowl since it lubricates the thin space between the stool and the bowl’s surface. If there is no liquid detergent, you can consider an Epsom salt or a bath bomb as an alternative. If the owner of the home keeps the cleaning products in the bathroom closet, try looking for a bleach agent and detergents in dish detergent. Look as much as you can to find anything that can lubricate the waste.

Pour hot water into the toilet and wait

Pour hot water into the toilet

After having your hot water and lubricant in place, look for a cup or any container. With the help of the container or cup, sparingly apply the hot water into the toilet bowl. It is good to use very hot or boiling water for better unclogging effects. Do not flush your toilet yet. With the help of the container or a cup, apply as much water as possible but ensure that it does not overflow. Wait for a few minutes for the water and soap to take effect. The wait should allow the hot water to dissolve the clog. As this happens, the level of the water in the toilet bowl will begin to recede.

Repeat the process of pouring water and soap and wait for another set of minutes. After seeing that the entire clog has gone down and the water level has subsided, you can now flush the toilet. The mass of waste should go down smoothly this time.

Forcing it all down

If soap and hot water have not unclogged the toilet, then you will need to do the work physically. You will need a cloth hanger and pliers or anything to cut the hanger with. With the use of pliers, uncoil the hanger by cutting its hook. Bend a small inch hook at the end of the hanger. Start breaking the stool with the hook you have made. This is not an enticing process, but you will clean up the mess and yourself after finishing the unclogging.

Checking the drainage system

If you have explored all means of unclogging the toilet discussed above without any desirable results, you will have to check your drainage system. Toilet drainage is essential since it facilitates proper movement of solid and liquid wastes.

The toilet pipes should have a proper design to enhance the most efficient disposal possible.Also, ensure that there is no air blockage in your pipes since this can hinder the flow of waste in the pipes. It could also be that there was an undissolved substance that was put in the toilet before you used it. When you used the toilet, the undissolved substance prevented the flow of waste down the drainage and eventually made the unclogging difficult.

Final Verdict

A clogged toilet is a source of embarrassment and can ruin your party or otherwise happy mood. Unclogging a toilet is not a walk in the park and is seldom a part of any person’s cleaning schedule. When a clogged toilet happens, any person wonders about how to unclog a toilet with poop in it without a plunger. Using a clogged toilet is very unhealthy as such toilets can expose users to infections. The unpleasant smell from a clogged toilet is also a source of embarrassment and discomfort.

Always ensure you have detergents for cleaning your toilet for this kind of eventuality. Again, when an unclogged toilet happens to you when the homeowner is away, you should not succumb to embarrassment but inquire with the homeowner on how to solve the problem, instead. If the situation does not improve even after trying all the unclogging measures we have discussed in this article, you should contact a professional emergency plumber.

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