Sometimes we face some situations that we have to think we would face, a clogged toilet is one of them. It is like a nightmare. There are so many emergencies we face daily but nothing like a clogged toilet. Imagine you are in a situation where your toilet is clogged and there is no plunger around. I know, it’s very hard to imagine such a situation. But many face such kinds of situations. It is not so simple to handle a clogged toilet and make it unclog. If you are facing such a situation, then this article can help you. Today we will discuss how to fix a clogged toilet without a plunger.

As there is no plunger in your house or nearby so the next thing you are going to do is find a plumber. But this won’t be a smart move. You should think again before spending some unplanned money. Or if it is a holiday then you won’t get any plumber around.

A plumber is nowadays very expensive. So, before calling a plumber you should follow some tick and trick through which you can easily unclog your toilet without any plunger. Using some simple life hacks a clogged toilet can be easily unclogged.

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Things to do for unclogging a toilet without a plunger

There are several ways of unclogging a toilet without a plunger. We will discuss every way of it. It depends on what you have in your home to unclog the toilet. baking soda, vinegar, wire hanger, dishwasher, etc. can be used to unclog the toilet.

Things to avoid while unclogging a toilet


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Rising water is a common scenario of a clogged toilet. If the water in your toilet rises, then do not flush continuously. It can cause the water of the toilet bowl to split on the bathroom floor. Then cleaning the bathroom floor will be another great hassle.

Techniques of unclogging toilet without a plunger

01. The hold-flush technique:

It is the simplest trick of unclogging a toilet. Often toilet clogs if the flush is not powerful enough. due to weak flushes sometimes the waste does not clear properly and it causes a clog. If it seems like the water risen a bit higher then it may be due to a weak flush. To avoid such a situation, you should flush the toilet properly. Hold the flush liver and it causes the flapper to open a few times. This will have a strong flush and a lot of water will flow into the bowl from the tank. If your toilet features dual flash, then tap on both flush button and most probably you will get an unclog toilet instantly.

02. Flush with a pail of water:

The technique has both advantages and disadvantages. If the process works, then you will have an unclog toilet. but if it doesn’t then your bathroom could have flooded. Our target is to create high pressure inside the pipe to unclog the toilet. To do so, first take a bucket and pour water in it.

Now flush the toilet at a low speed and put the water of the bucket into the toilet bowl. If you see the water is lowering from the bowl that means it gets unclog. But if you see the water is risen then stop in the midway and better to try another way of unclogging.

03. Wire Hanger:


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If you have a toilet that has a serious clog, then you need to unclog it manually. Like many toilet paper is jammed into the paper and not moving then a wire hanger can save you from such a situation. Basically, a wire hanger works as a toilet snake and works very effectively while unclogging a jammed toilet to ensure toilet safety you can cover the wire hanger with tape. It will prevent scratches on the bowl. Expand the wire hanger like a straight rod and put it into the clogged area. Shake it in there for a minute and flush the toilet. there is a high possibility that your toilet is not clogged anymore.

04. Vinegar and baking soda:

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A clogged toilet is very messy to deal with and everyone wants to deal with this problem without making it any worse. With this technique, you can unclog the toilet without coming in contact with the toilet. you just need two cups of vinegar and half cup of baking soda. Make a mixture using these two. Then pour the mixture into the toilet pipe and let it stay for 2-3 hours in there. The mixture will dissolve the clog and make it clog-free. Now flush the toilet and you are good to go.


05. Warm water and dish-washing soap:

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Use of Warm water and dish-washing soap to unclog a toilet is a very common process. For this process, you will need warm water. Make sure that the water is warm and not boiling. Boiling water can harm your toilet. Here the dishwashing detergent acts as a lubricant and coats the inner wall of the toilet pipe. The warm water goes in and dissolves the clog. First, put the dish washing detergent and then pour the warm water. Let it stay into the pipe for 15-25 minutes and then flush the toilet.



06. Using a plastic bottle:

This technique of unclogging a toilet is a bit messy. But it works very effectively to unclog a toilet without a plunger. For the process, you need to make your hand dirty so you better put on some rubber gloves. Now pour the water from your toilet bowl to a bucket as much as you can. Put some warm water into a plastic bottle and close the bottle with your thumb. Place the bottle into your toilet pipe and release your finger. The warm water will go into the pipe and hopefully, the clog will also go through.

07. Epsom salts

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Uses of Epsom salt in unclogging a toilet is a very efficient and reliable way. Epsom salts are also known as bathroom bomband most of the house owners keep Epsom salt in their bathroom. The process is very simple. You just need to put some Epsom salt into the toilet pipe and wait for 5-10 minutes. Epsom salt works very fast and effectively. After some time flush the toilet and you can see the result.



08. Strong chemical:

There are many types of chemicals out there. If you know such a chemical that works as a neutralizing agent, then you can use this one to unclog your toilet. that chemical will act as a dissolving agent and will dissolve the clog and you can have an unclog toilet. before using any chemical make sure that the chemical is not harmful to the toilet; you can check online for that.

09. Using a vacuum cleaner:

The use of a vacuum cleaner to unclog a toilet is very rare but it can work. Put the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner into the toilet pipe and start the cleaner. The suction power should be able to suck some clog in the cleaner. After that flush, the toilet and the rest clog should be gone.


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final verdict:

When you don’t have a plunger and have a clogged toilet to unclog this is a very difficult situation to face. We describe how to fix a clogged toilet without a plunger here. Whenever you face such a situation hopefully this article will help you to get rid of that. Try these techniques and you will unclog your toilet very easily without using a plunger. The trick we gave you is that these all are homemade and also very cheap to do. So you can apply these methods very well without spending a lot of money.