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Advantages Of Icera Toilet Reviews And How You Can Make Full Use Of It.

by | May 17, 2020 | Plumbing Product Reviews, Toilets

Toilet is a must for every house. We all want the best type of best brand’s toilet in our houses. That’s why we have come up with icera toilet reviews. This is a world-class brand. Through this review we will show you why you should buy this Icera Toilet.

We will show why it is the best one in the market and also what to look for in these icera toilets. We will also try to answer the Frequently Asked Questions known as FAQ about these very toilets. In total we will try to give proper knowledge about the two best models of Icera Toilet.

Why is Icera a good Brand?

Icera is the commonly known brand for toilet things and accessories. Icera doesn’t have the name and the popularity like Kohler, Toto, or the American standard. But it has the potential to beat the best and be the best.

Their toilet products come with the shape and size of a contemporary bowl and tank-like. The product they make has the durability as no one can give. They offer a lot of different types of toilets. They also produce wall hung, one- and two-piece designs, bidets, and the vanities as well. They have been providing service since 1995 according to their website.

Our Reviews of the 2 best models of Icera Toilet

Here we are going to review the two best models of Icera toilets.



Icera One Piece Elongated Toilet W/ Skirted Trapway Muse C-6190.00 Toilet

Icera One Piece Elongated Toilet W/ Skirted Trapway Muse C- Toilet

Here, we have the first toilet from “Icera”. It is full of good qualities. Let’s have a review of the amazing first one.

This is an amazing type of toilet from “Icera”. This is a one-piece elongated type toilet. This muse type toilet has a slimmer and sleeker kind of profile than the other toilet models have.

Highlighted Features:

Amazing Design: The dimension of this toilet is about 27-1/2″ x 14- 1/2″ x 27-3/8″. The bowl has a water surface area of 9″ x 7″. It has the simple elegance of modern aesthetic design.

World Class Technology: This has an oversized fully-glazed internal trap-way of 2-1/8″. It is glazed with an anti-microbial stain-resistant glaze named Micro Glaze. This toilet has the new rimless washing design feature in it. This can give powerful flushing with the help of the two large twin jets attached to the bowl.

Efficiency: This C-6190.00 model uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush (GPF) which is 4.8 liters to be exact which is way less than the others.

User Friendly: This toilet has a seating of chair height. This comes with a limited warranty with 100% of factory flush testing.

What We Liked:

  • It has an amazing feature of Rimless washing.
  • This has an elongated type of bowl stain-resistant glaze.
  • Uses only 1.28 gallons (4.8 liters) of water in every flush.
  • This toilet has an oversized trap way in it.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The toilet seat is not of high quality.

Why do we recommend it?

This toilet is full of good qualities. This has a very sophisticated design with the touch of elegance. This Muse toilet is about 35-50% efficient in every way that most of the toilets. That’s why it should be on top of your choice list and we also recommend this.



    Icera C-6200.01 Riose OP Toilet, White

    Icera Riose OP Toilet, White

    Now we have the other model of this “Icera Toilet”. This one is also one of the best that this brand has to offer. Now let’s have a review of that one.

    Here, we have the C-6200.01 model of “Icera Toilet”. This comes in only with the White color. This one is pretty easy to install. It suits for every house. This toilet weighs about 105 pounds

    Highlighted Features:

    Versatile Design: This is an amazing one. It has an elongated bowl in it. This toilet has a good dimension which is about 28-3/4″ by 17-1/2″ by 28″. The surface area of the bowl is 9″ x 7″. It has a flush valve of 3″ and the trap way of 2-1/8″.

    Perfect Use of Modern Technology: This toilet is full of many features. The built material for this is “Vitreous China Material”. This Icera C-6200.01 Riose OP Toilet “Siphon Jetted Trap way” in it. It also has the “EPA Water Sense Certification”. It also has the “Eco QUATTRO Flushing Technology”.

    Easy to Use: It has a very easy operating system. People from any age can use this toilet without any kind of problem.

    Water Efficient: This model uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush (GPF) which is 4.8 liters to be exact. This is capable of cleaning 1000 grams of solid waste in single flushing.

    Comfortable: The seat of this toilet is of chair height. It is very much comfortable and easy to access. This is about 16-1/2″ from base to rim.

    What We Liked:

        • This gives a cleaner bowl with gravity flush and a fully glazed trap way.
        • This toilet model has “EPA WaterSense Certification”.
        • It has the installation guide to help the customers.
        • The toilet is very much premium quality.

    What We Didn’t Like

        • It needs some extra basic tools to install.

    Why do we recommend it?

    This toilet has a lot of good qualities. It is more efficient than others. This model comes with a great performance. This toilet is one of the best in the market.

    That’s why we strongly recommend this toilet in our icera toilet reviews. (290)

    Buying Guides for the Icera Toilets:

    The Icera Toilet may not be that well known. But we can’t take that out of the list. This brand also has a bunch of potentials in it. Now,

    through the icera toilet reviews let’s see why the customers should buy the toilets of this brand:

    Bowl height and shape:

    The height of the toilet is about 15 inches which are close to the universal height. This 15-inch height is more comfortable to sit on. This is an elongated shaped toilet. We prefer these elongated types over the round shaped one to use. But we let the public decide over the shape.

    Flush type and activation:

    This toilet has a gravity-based flush system. This is a lot quieter than the other type of flush. This is also quite a powerful flushing system. This has a button for flushing. Using a button for flushing is more convenient than the others. This type of flush and activation is more useful and easier than others.

    Mounting Type:

    Icera always makes the toilets which are always either floor-mounted or wall-mounted. Buyers should always check both types of toilets. They should buy the toilets which will suit their house most. They should also keep in mind which type will be more comfortable for them while buying the Icera Toilet.

    Size of Toilet:

    The size of the bathroom always does matter. People should buy toilets according to their bathroom size. A bigger spaced bathroom can have a bit bigger toilet. On the other hand, the bathroom that has a small space, should have comparatively smaller toilets. People should keep that in mind while buying toilets.

    Usage of water:

    All the toilets from this Icera brand are water-saving and water-efficient. This brand of toilet has “EPA WaterSense Certification”. In every flush, it can clear up to

    1000 grams of solid waste using just 1.28 gallons (4.8 liters) of water. While the standard toilets use 1.6 gallons of water per flush and the traditional ones use 3.5 gallons of water in every flush.


    The Icera toilets come with different types of elegant designs. People should buy these different designs of toilets as their respective choices.

    Warranty and Price:

    People can buy Icera Toilet at a very much reasonable price. This is very much efficient in its range of prices. The buyers should check the warranty system and the information at the time of purchasing to get the proper after-sales service from the company.

    How to Install and the Maintenance Guide:

    From this Icera toilet reviews we will know about the installation and maintenance of “Icera Toilets”.


    There are basic tools needed to install the toilet. This will not be provided with the toilet. These tools are:

    1. 10″ (254 mm) adjustable wrench
    2. 12″ (305 mm) pipe wrench
    3. Metal file
    4. Tape measure
    5. Tubing cutter
    6. Screwdriver
    7. Putty knife
    8. Level
    9. Toilet installation flange
    10. Toilet gasket (e.g., wax ring)
    11. Water supply line
    12. Toilet supply shut-off valve, 3/8″ (10 mm)
    13. Toilet T-bolts (2x), 5/16″ (8 mm) diameter

    Now let’s see the installation process:

    1. At first, we have to either install or relocate the water supply and the outlet.
    2. The wax should be residue with a cleaner while replacing the toilet. The horn of the toilet must be clean and dry before installing the toilet.
    3. Then we have to insert the new T-bolts which are given with the toilets.
    4. After that we have placed the wax seal properly.
    5. Then we should place the toilet in the right position. We also need to apply the weight of the toilet evenly.
    6. Next, we have to tighten the bolts and also need to confirm that the bolts are not over-tighten. We also have to install the floor mountings and the wall mountings properly with the floor and the wall.
    7. After that, we need to cut the extra parts of the bolts. And then we also have to fix the bolt caps.
    8. Next, we have to connect the water supply line and turn the switch on to check if there is any leakage. And there is no need to over-tight the supply.
    9. If necessary, we can also adjust the water level of the tank.
    10. Then we need to install the tank lid and the seat as well. For that, we need to use the seat bolts and washers provided with the toilet. We also need to check for leakage for several days.

    Maintenance of Icera Toilets:

    1. If the water is hard, we have to make sure that the holes in the toilet rim are clean for proper flushing in the bowl.
    2. The toilet bowl should be cleaned at least once every week.
    3. The holes need to clean with a long-handled brush. We have to make sure that we clean the hole as far as we can to prevent the mineral from depositing there. That will also prevent the rings from appearing in the bowl.
    4. We should always use the water with a temperature of over 0-degree Celsius. Because water temperature less than 0-degree Celsius is harmful to the bowl and the toilet.
    5. We should never use any kind of abrasive cleaners or solvents.
    6. In the time of installation or any kind of repair, we should never use cement.
    7. We need to make sure that excessive heat never comes to the toilet. That will damage the bowl and the toilet. We also have to take care of the matter that we never throw any hard materials in the bowl like newspapers or any towel.
    8. The users should also follow the instructions that are given in the instruction book that is given with the toilet itself.

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Some common questions are always asked by the customers. Now let’s have a look at them in our icera toilet reviews.

    01. Are the toilets of this brand durable?

    All the toilets are made from the Vitreous China Material. These are made for heavy use. These toilets will last for a very long period without any doubt. And there is a warranty for the toilets as well. So, these toilets are very much durable.

    02. Are these toilets easy to use?

    The toilets from “Icera” brand are very much easy to use. The method of using the toilet is basic and normal that anyone can use the toilets easily. There is a user manual given with proper instructions for the users to use the toilet without any problem.

    03. How to tighten the seat of Icera Toilet?

    After sometimes using the toilet seat may slide down. If that happens, we need to tighten the seat bolt of the toilet. For that, we have to remove the caps from the seat bolt first. Then we have to tighten the bolts. Then again have to put the caps back on and hopefully everything will be alright.

    04. How much water a running toilet can waste?

    If the flush valve is bad or somehow has problems it can waste a huge amount of water. This can happen because of the flapper assembly as well. This can waste 1 gallon of water every hour or 24 to 27 gallons of water every day. If these types of problems show up, users need to take steps as early as possible.

    05. How about the after-sales service?

    Icera is very much concerned about the users of them. While purchasing, they provide the warranty card as proof of after-sales service. They have the reputation of taking the user’s concern on the topmost priority. They are always ready for the service the customer needs.


    Icera toilets don’t have fame like the others. But they have the potential to serve the people with the best type of products. They always provide the best possible items to the customers. The products of this brand are always easy to use. They are comfortable. They come at a very good price. The toilets from this brand are very much efficient. They offer “value for money” in their products. Icera is always ready to give the after-sales service to its customers.

    We hope people will get to know more about the Icera Toilet from our icera toilet reviews.

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