Neodrain Shower Niche, Insert Storage Shelf, 24' X 12' Stainless Steel Shower Wall Niche, Tile Needed Recessed Niche Shower for Storage, Stainless Steel Bathroom Shelf, Black

Neodrain stainless steel shower niche



Shower Niche – NO TILE NEEDED 12' x 12' Polished Chrome Single Shelf Organizer, Square – Best Modern In Wall Bathroom Accessory for Shower or Tub Storage | Nook Insert Holds Soap, Bottles, Toiletries

Cantrio shower niche “No tile needed”



Schluter Kerdi Board 12'x20' Shower Niche (1)

Schluter Kerdi board shower niche (Tile Ready)

Are you looking for the perfect spot to put your soap and shampoo in the shower? Look no further than this article about the best shower niche ideas.

This little-known feature can be a great addition to any bathroom, and it’s perfect for those who want a convenient spot to store their shower supplies.

So, keep reading to learn more about this handy feature and find out why it might be the perfect fit for your bathroom.

What is a shower niche?

A shower niche is a recessed area in the shower that is designed to hold shampoo, soap, or other bathroom products.

They come in many different shapes and sizes and can be made from a variety of materials, such as tile, stone, or marble.

While they are not required for showers, they can be a nice addition for those who want somewhere to store their products. Not only do they keep your products within reach, but also add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

If you’re thinking of installing a shower niche in your home, have a look at our recommendations below.

Best shower niche ideas for your bathroom



Neodrain Shower Niche, Insert Storage Shelf, 24' X 12' Stainless Steel Shower Wall Niche, Tile Needed Recessed Niche Shower for Storage, Stainless Steel Bathroom Shelf, Black

Neodrain stainless steel shower niche

Neodrain stainless steel shower niche has an elegant and luxurious design with a modern look.

It comes with pre-drilled holes, ready for installation. You can opt to fit the shelves vertically or horizontally according to your space. Also, you can also customize them to fit into your bathroom design perfectly.

These shelves are made of stainless steel 304, which is highly durable and resistant to rust. This ensures that your bathroom products stay in perfect condition.

In addition, the material is also 100% waterproof, so you do not have to worry about water seeping into the niche.

More so, the shelves have a 1-degree slight slope which eliminates any water remaining on the niche, keeping it dry. The niche corners are adequately sealed, protecting them from accidental bathroom leakages.

Neodrain stainless steel shower niche is an exceptional bathroom planner, ideal for placing toiletries, shampoo bottles, and soap within reach. The storage space is also impressive, with interior dimensions of 12″x12″ x3.94 and outside dimensions of 13.94″x 13.94.



  • High-grade stainless steel material
  • Easy to install
  • A large volume of storage
  • Waterproof with a slight slope
  • Does not need to be tiled
  • Can be customized to suit your shower needs


  • None so far



Shower Niche – NO TILE NEEDED 12' x 12' Polished Chrome Single Shelf Organizer, Square – Best Modern In Wall Bathroom Accessory for Shower or Tub Storage | Nook Insert Holds Soap, Bottles, Toiletries

Cantrio shower niche (No tile needed)

Cantrio shower niche is a decorative in-wall bathtub and shower organizer.

It is made of high quality and durable stainless steel which ensures a waterproof and rust-free shelf. So you don’t have to worry about your razors and soap dishes getting a rusty edge.

This niche shelf mount kit comes with everything built-in and ready to install. If you can locate the wall studs and apply silicone caulk, you can install the niche yourself, saving you high contractor fees.

Moreover, the Cantrio shower niche is adaptable, and you can install it at an angle that works best for you to create the volume of storage you need.

If you want a wide shelf for extra storage, install it horizontally and if you plan to increase the height for larger items, install it vertically.

The niche also has an impressive storage capacity with outside dimensions of 12″x24″ or 12″x12″, inside dimensions of 10.5″x10.5″, and a depth of 3.25. This ensures that you do not have to clutter your bathroom products to fit in the niche.


  • It has a modern design
  • The volume is adequate
  • It is easy to install
  • Rust resistant
  • Good quality 304 stainless steel material
  • Does not need tiling


  • None so far

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Schluter Kerdi Board 12'x20' Shower Niche (1)

Schluter Kerdi board shower niche (Tile Ready)

Schluter Kerdi Board showering niche is one of the products of the renowned Schulter bathroom brand.

It is made from prefabricated Kerdi boards and comes with a separate frame that can be adjusted to different heights to create a two-shelf compartment. This gives you the additional advantage of storing your products separately to fit your preferences.

This niche is waterproof and vapor tight, ensuring that both the shelf and your products stay safe, so no fear of erosion.

Also, the inside corners are sealed to protect against accidental bathroom leakages around the niche.

The Schluter Kerdi board shower niche comes in four different sizes, that is, 6″ x 6″, 12″ x12″, 12″ x 20″, and 12″x 28″. All the sizes have a width of 2″. So, no matter the size of your bathroom, you can always get a shelf that will fit into your space.

In addition, you can install the niche horizontally or vertically, depending on the kind of storage space you want.

The niche is an easy-to-install compartment that comes with Do It Yourself instructions for first-time clients.


  • Easy to install
  • Ready to tile after installation
  • It is waterproof
  • Comes with instructions and installation videos
  • High-quality material and lightweight


  • The metal shelf included tends to protrude past the box



Tile Redi USA RNT1620D-14 Niche Triple Recessed Shower Shelf, Three Shelves, 34' H X 16' W, Black

Tile Redi USA Shower niche

Tile Redi USA RNT1620D-14 is a shower niche with recessed shelves made of high quality, sturdy plastic.

The material provides the strength required to withstand heavy-duty use while ensuring that the niche remains waterproof and leak-proof.

The plastic material is also rust-free, which will give you the surety that your products will stay in perfect condition.

Moreover, the corners of the niche are appropriately sealed, protecting your shelf from any wall leakages and other accidental water seepages that are not uncommon in the bathroom.

This ready-to-install niche also allows you to customize into the planned design you have for your shower. Moreover, you can install the shelf vertically or horizontally to fit into your bathroom space.

It comes with adequate storage, with a 16-inch width x 34-inch height x 4-inch depth. The three shelves also allow you the freedom to separate your bathroom products to fit your preferences.


  • Easy to install
  • Allows good flow of water
  • It has a reasonably thick material
  • The independent shelves give you more installation options
  • It has sufficient storage space.


  • Difficult to tile the smooth surfaces

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Uni-Green Niche Double Recessed Shower Shelf – Yellow 24'X16' Two Inner Shelves with Divider Easy Install

Uni-Green niche double recessed shower shelves

Uni-Green waterproof double recessed shower shelves are made of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) material, making them superior in quality and durable.

The lightweight material is also resistant to chemicals, ensuring that your shelves are corrosion-free and retain their color.

Moreover, the shelves are 100% waterproof and leak-free.

The installation process of the shelves is simple, and you can choose to do it yourself and save on installation costs.

The elegant design adds a touch of class to your bathroom. You can opt to mount the shelves horizontally or vertically, depending on bathroom décor space, and preferences.

You do not have to worry about enough storage with Uni-Green waterproof double recessed shower shelves. The 25 x 13 x 3.75 dimensions shelves offer you enough storage.

In addition, the separated compartments give you the option of separating your products according to your preference.


  • Enough storage space
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Ease of tiling after installation
  • Seamless insert eliminates water leakage
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • None so far

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Factors to consider when choosing a shower niche

1. Size of the shower niche

When putting a niche against existing walls, always consider your bathroom space and the storage space you want to create.

A shelf within the range of 12″ width and 24″ height is a good size for most bathrooms. With this size, the niche can fit into the studs, often 16 inches apart.

The standard depth of a shower niche is 3.5″. If you are in a highrise building, consider the steel studs, mostly 2.5 inches.

Ensure that you do not create a niche space on the outside wall, as this would replace valuable insulation.

You can afford a larger niche if you are constructing a new wall. Ensure that the contractor adjusts the size of the studs and there are plumbing pipes and electric wires on the way.

2. Material

After installing the niche, you may be required to place the tile on it, making it a semi-permanent feature of your bathroom.

It is therefore advisable that you go for a durable material.

The bathroom is also in constant contact with water and vapor. Look for a material that is rust-free so that you do not have to worry about your products getting into contact with rust.

Another thing that you need to consider is the strength and endurance of the material since it is used for storage.

Some of the best materials for a niche are stainless steel, ABS, and sturdy plastic.

3. Type of finish

The primary determinant of the type of finish you choose is your aesthetic preferences and bathroom design.

You can opt for a tile finishing that would match your bathroom’s wall tiles or a contrasting tile color that creates an exquisite look to the niche or gives it a look of additional depth.

If you want a finish with styled inserts that match the bathroom ware and taps, you could go for metal and glass inserts.

Another thing you would like to consider while choosing a niche finish is the ease of cleaning the shelves.

Glass and metal niches should be wiped with a soft clean cloth. The glass finishing is also sensitive and requires additional care while cleaning. You may need a brush or scourer to scrub the grout for a tile.

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4. Number of niches/shelves

Some niches come as one shelf, while others have two or more independent shelves. At the same time, some come as one compartment, which can be sub-divided to give you more than one shelf.

A niche with more than one shelf gives you various storage options.

You may opt to separate the smaller products from the bottled, larger products or the body-wash products from the shaving items.

5. Waterproofed

Bathroom leakage can cause a lot of damage, mainly due to mold growth and seepage.

You cannot rule out these mishaps in bathrooms. To avoid nasty leakages from the shelves, ensure that they are 100% waterproof.

It is also important that your niche have a slight slope to drain off any excess water. The joints are a weak area for erosion and leakages, so make sure that your niche has sufficient seals around the joints.

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FAQ about the best prefab shower niche

Q1. What is the best size for a shower niche?

There is no such thing as the best size for a bathroom niche. The perfect size for you will depend on your bathroom space and your personal preferences.

However, a niche within the range of 12″width x 24″ height x 2.5″ depth is ideal for most pre-existing walls. This size is usually perfect to fit all your bathroom needs.

However, if you are constructing a new wall, you can ask the constructor to adjust the width studs and create a customized niche.

Q2. Do shower niches get moldy, and are they hard to keep clean?

A square and rectangular-shaped can be hard to clean around the corners and crevices.

Too many harsh chemicals can also remove the waterproofing and damage the grout, exposing your niche to mold.

Use a spray and rinse cleaner to clean these areas that reach every corner. Also, ensure that the wall has a waterproofing membrane before installing the niche.

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Q3. Should you tile a shower niche first?

Tile the back of the niche first, then the walls of the niche next, and finish with the bathroom wall.

A finishing error on the wall will be easier to correct than deep into the shelf.

Q4. What can I use instead of a shower niche?

Instead of a niche, you can use the corner shelves.

Corner shelves are installed at one corner of your bathroom using triangular frames for a better fit.

You can also use an over-the-to-toilet unit with legs that reach down the bathroom floor and the support shelves over the tank.

A bathroom ledge shelf is also a great alternative. However, the ledge and the niche have the same budget, with the significant difference being that the ledge will not require as much as a niche when it comes to finishing.

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Installing the best shower niche in your bathroom has the double function of creating the perfect bathroom organizer and adding to your decorative bathroom pieces.

Before installing a niche, it is essential that you first waterproof your bathroom walls.


Save time and $$$ with a no obligation quote from recommended plumbers nationwide. It takes just 30 seconds.

The top brands of the shower niches are pre-fitted and easy to install, so you do not have to worry about exorbitant installation fees.

Some of the features that you want to look for in the best shower niche are the type of material and how strong and durable it is, the niche’s size, and ensuring that the shelf is 100% waterproof.