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If you are wondering how to keep your bathtub from being slippery without using a bath mat, you can try the best anti slip shower stickers.

Anti-slip shower stickers provide a strong grip under the feet preventing a potentially dangerous situation of slipping.

You would prefer these over the mats because apart from being affordable, they are easier to maintain.

So let’s review some of the best bathtub anti slip stickers you can choose.

Best anti slip shower stickers

1. Secopad Non-slip bathtub stickers

Secopad stickers come in a pack of 24 pieces and a silicone scraper to ease the removal. These 24 pieces are enough to prevent slipping since they can cover up to 2/3 of the tub surface.

The stickers come in different colors; blue, pink, clear, white, gray, and black. Most people prefer the clear ones because they blend well with the tub surface and are completely invisible.

Apart from the bathtub, you can place these stickers on the stairs to enhance their grip and safety.


  • They have strong adhesive
  • Do not leave any residue when removed
  • They are fade-proof
  • Made from non-toxic material
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Long-lasting


  • Designed to stick on smooth tub surfaces only not textured

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2. SlipX Solutions Adhesive Non-Slip Safety Treads

The SlipX Solutions Adhesive Non-Slip Safety Treads are an easy and affordable way to make your slippery surfaces safer and more secure.

They’re perfect for the whole family including kids, seniors, or anyone who needs a little extra traction on their feet in order to stay safe in the shower or tub. They can also be used in hot tubs, boats, stairs, and more.

These treads provide a reliable grip year after year that will not wear out or peel off as other products do. This is thanks to the great quality adhesive designed for use on smooth surfaces which means it won’t leave any sticky residue behind when removed from your surface.

To install, simply peel off the backing and stick them onto any surface you want to be safer on.

You’ll never have to worry about slipping again with these amazing safety treads. Great value at 21 treads per pack so you’ll have enough to last you a long time!


  • They come in a pack of 21 adhesive non-slip treads
  • Strong adhesive for reliable grip
  • Easy to install or remove
  • Do not leave a sticky residue when removed
  • Comfortable to step on


  • Should only be used on smooth surfaces
  • Not recommended for use on refinished or reglazed surfaces

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3. GoTranquility Anti Slip Safety Bathtub Stickers

Re-create bathtime bliss with these all-new clear anti-slip strips. These 12 pieces of 8×1.6 inch long strips will help you out a ton when it comes to making your tub squeaky clean and safe for the entire family without any worries about slips or falls.

They are made of a non-slip material with a sticky adhesive that is strong enough to stay put and won’t leave a residue when removed.

In addition, they are easy to measure out and arrange for your own safety.

Moreover, they are both aesthetically pleasing and highly practical. They come in a wide array of colors so that you can take your pick. You can choose those perfect pool slides, riverside rocks, granite countertops, and more.


  • Strong adhesive
  • Do not leave a residue when removed
  • They are non-slip
  • Can be used not only in bathtubs but also stairs, poolsides, and granite countertops.
  • Variety of colors to pick from
  • Long-lasting


  • The adhesive can only stick on flat and smooth surfaces that are not treated with chemicals

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4. Mudder Store nonslip bathtub stickers

Mudder Store bathtub stickers are both practical and stylish and eliminate the need to remodel or resurface your tub.

They’re a great way to add some style and color to your bathroom while making it safer for you or your family members.

You can choose from a wide selection of vibrant color combinations to match your bathroom style.

The vibrant colors make them ideal for anyone with small children to keep them safe from slipping in the bathroom.

They come in a pack containing 10 stickers, which are enough to cover the bottom of the tub adequately and provide a wider nonslip surface.


  • Very colorful
  • Child friendly
  • Nonslip
  • Water-resistant
  • Super-strong adhesive
  • Easy to apply or remove


  • They are only suitable for smooth surfaces that are not textured.

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There are so many good anti-slip shower and tub stickers options available in the market, which might be very overwhelming.

That is why we’ve tried to summarize the most important features of the best anti-slip shower stickers for your bathroom.

Before placing that order, you need to first consider what type of surface you want it on and whether or not these types will stick well. This is because the adhesive on the stickers may not adhere well to certain surfaces like those with tile grout.