The shape of the toilet is one of those things that you don’t think about until it becomes a problem. This is the reason most people ask “Why would I want an elongated toilet bowl when the round one is working just fine?

What they don’t know is that the benefits of elongated toilet bowls over round ones are numerous. They can be a little more expensive, but they offer increased comfort and efficiency for all family members and guests.

For instance, an elongated bowl allows for more space which means less worry about getting backed up when nature calls. Also, if you have difficulty bending down to use the bathroom because of injury or age then it will make it easier on your back.

Other benefits are discussed below together with a few drawbacks that you may want to consider before buying an elongated toilet bowl.

Why would I want an elongated toilet bowl? Pros and cons 

If you’re looking for reasons why you would want an elongated toilet bowl, the following are some of the many benefits.

1. Elongated toilet bowls take up less space

First, elongated toilet bowls take up less space than round bowls so if you’re looking to save space in your bathroom, consider installing an elongated toilet bowl.

Why would i want an elongated toilet bowl?

They are made to fit the space in your bathroom better thereby leaving more space where you can put other items like toiletries.

2. They are comfortable to use

You may not have noticed, but some people find it uncomfortable to sit on a round bowl and that is not good for their health.

Elongated toilets tend to be more comfortable than round toilets thanks to their long shape and their ability to accommodate a person’s body no matter the size.

You do not need to strain yourself when using the toilet because the bowl leaves enough room for natural bowel movements since it is easier for the body to stay balanced without the risk of falling off the edge.

3. Ideal for people with mobility difficulties

If you’re living with an ailment or disability that makes it difficult to get up from the floor then this style of toilet will be much easier on your body than using the traditional round one.

An elongated toilet is taller than its round counterpart. This offers easier access for the elderly or people with mobility issues who may have trouble reaching up high into the air when using a regular height toilet.

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4. Save water and flushing time

The elongated toilets offer better water conservation as there’s less surface area exposed and reduce flushing time.

This means fewer gallons per flush which can save thousands of dollars over time if your home has multiple bathrooms with traditional style toilets.

5. Easier for kids

Elongated toilet bowls have been shown to be beneficial for people of all ages and sizes including kids. They are easier for kids to use and provide more room for mummies to clean up after their business.

6. Ideal for tall people

If you have long legs and struggle to fit them on a regular toilet, an elongated model may be for you.

These toilets are designed with extra room in the back of the bowl so that your feet will comfortably reach down without having to straddle it.

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Is my toilet round or elongated?

It should not be hard for you to tell if your toilet is round or elongated. But if you feel confused, there are a few things that can help you figure it out.

is my toilet round or elongated? Pros and cons

The best way to determine this would be by looking at the shape and size of your bowl. For instance, elongated toilets have bowls that tend to go farther back into the bathroom than round ones do.

Also, rounder bowls will usually be shallower while longer bowls will typically hold more water due to their lengthier nature. This translates to less frequent flushes for those with elongated toilets.

You can also inspect if the toilet has an opening located higher up on one side as opposed to being right in front like most round models.

Another way is to just measure the distance from one side of the tank to another and see what shape it makes. A rectangle means square-shaped while an oval would be more indicative of an elongated bowl.

You might also try measuring the length of the rim on each side by placing masking tape at either end and stretching it across in front of you; this should give you a better idea.

Elongated toilet seat dimensions 

The elongated or “elongating” toilet seats are designed to provide a more comfortable, ergonomic, and sanitary option for people with limited mobility.

Most of these toilets have an extra-long bowl that is 17 inches long from front to back and has a width of 11 inches.

This allows the user to sit in full comfort while still being able to use their arms without banging their hands into the tank as they would if they were seated closer up against it.

Can you replace a round toilet with an elongated toilet?

While some people have been able to replace their round toilet with an elongated one, there are things you must first consider.

For instance, the size of your space where the toilet is should be taken into consideration.

This is because most people have just enough room for a normal (round) bowl and this generally proves to be sufficient enough for them.

Elongated toilets may need more room. So, if you presently have an extra inch or two of room around your current round toilet, then yes you can probably squeeze in an elongated toilet.

Can I put an elongated toilet seat on a round toilet?

Yes, you can put an elongated toilet seat on a round toilet unless the elongated toilet is abnormally long which can make it unbalanced when on a round toilet.

One way this will be an issue is if an elongated seat is too long for a round toilet then it will lean forward after being put onto it. This unintended lean will create tension on the hardware that holds up and supports those seats causing leaks or worse damages to occur over time.

Furthermore, since most seated people lose muscular stability with age, this concern about balance becomes more critical with a longer seat.

Nonetheless, putting an elongated toilet seat on a round toilet is probably easier than replacing the whole toilet because they come in different lengths to properly fit the vessel created for them.

Round toilets on the other hand are not as accommodating and depend solely on a space at the front of them.

Should I buy an elongated or round toilet?

The most important thing to keep in mind when deciding between an elongated and a round toilet is the size of your bathroom.

If you have a smaller space, an elongated toilet will give you more room for storage than a round one.

However, if your bathroom has plenty of space and you don’t want to worry about hitting your knees on the side of the wall while sitting down, then we recommend buying a round toilet instead.

Also, consider other benefits of elongated versus round toilets like they are more comfortable,  easier for kids, the elderly, and people with mobility difficulties to use, and they save water and flushing time.


Why would I need an elongated toilet bowl? While this may seem like an unusual question, it is a valid one.

The elongated toilet bowl has been around for over three decades and there are many benefits to switching your current fixture out with an elongated model.


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As we have seen in this article, this type of toilet bowl is more comfortable than the round one for both adults and kids. In addition, it takes up much less space and saves water as well as flushing time.

The best part is that elongated toilets and seats are available at most home improvement stores, which means there’s no need to special order one from specialty vendors.