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3 Reasons your Toilet Auger Won’t Go In and Solution

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Plumbing Guides

Are you disappointed that your new toilet auger won’t go in?

There could be many reasons why a toilet auger won’t go down the drain. For instance, you might be using the wrong type of auger or the clog might be too wide.

If you want to get the auger to successfully unclog the toilet, you need to figure out the cause or look for alternative ways to remove the obstruction.

Reasons Why The Toilet Auger Won’t go In

Bent drainage pipes in your toilet or a dense clog in the pipes are the two main reasons why the snake won’t go down bathtub or toilet drain. Here are other reasons;

1. You are using the wrong type of auger

Using the wrong type of auger might prevent it from getting deep into the drain. Thus, it is important to choose the right one.

There are various types of augers that can be categorized into two; Electric cordless augers and Corded augers.

Toilet Auger Won't go In

Both work great for clearing obstructions in drain pipes.

However, the most appropriate one is one that is specifically designed for unclogging toilets.

There is also a small drum auger mainly used in clearing clogs in kitchen sinks so it is not effective for toilet clogs.

Another type of auger is the extra-long drain auger that is used when the clog occurs very deep in the drain pipes. This can be used for all types of drains whether in the bathtub, toilet, or kitchen sink.

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2. The clog blocking the pipe is wide and dense

The density of the clog blocking the pipes may be too large for an ordinary auger.

So you may require a power auger to clear the clog, which of cause might be too expensive.

Where a power auger is not available, do not force an ordinary auger down the drain pipes as this may cause damage. Call a qualified plumber to sort the issue out.

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3. The drain auger is dirty and clogged

Immediately you use your plumbing auger, always make sure you clean it thoroughly.

This will help to get rid of any debris that might be stuck on it and affect its ability to enter the drain pipe.

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4. The Auger’s Thumb Screw is Loose

If the thumbscrew of your toilet auger becomes loose, you will have a hard time getting the auger down the drain.

With loose screws, the cable that rotates in order to get rid of the clog will not work as expected.

Therefore, ensure the thumbscrew is tightened well before using the device

How to unclog a toilet when an auger won’t go down the drain

If your auger doesn’t go down into the drain, it could be due to some of the reasons we have explained above.

If the clogging object is too wide or too far down the pipe, it may be challenging to remove it using an average or standard auger.

Luckily, there are other options you may want to put into practice to see if they will work.

  • Use a powerful electric auger

As earlier mentioned, you can try to use a power auger such as an electric snake that is longer and can easily break the blocking clog.

You however need to be very cautious not to damage the toilet when using the electric snake.

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  • Soften the clog

There are times when the rigid clog blocking your pipes is because it has hardened due to lack of a softening substance.

Hot water or even dishwashing soap may be the ideal choice, in this case, to dislodge the clog and then use the toilet auger.

  • Get a plumber

The last option is to call a plumber if a clog fails to move down the pipes even with the help of a power auger.

A plumber has the skills to help you ensure the clog slowly moves down the lines safely and without destroying the toilet.

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What to Use When a Toilet Auger Doesn’t Work

When your toilet blocks, you cannot just wait for the plumber to come in and save the situation.

If you are a hands-on person, you can do some of the following DIY hacks if your toilet auger fails to work.

  • Use a stretched hanger. You can a stretched hanger with its hook to unclog the drain if the blockage is not too far down.
  • Mix vinegar with baking powder. This one works like soap and water. This mixture helps in unblocking the pipes by forming a reaction that allows the clog to flow down the drain pipes.
  • Use drain cleaning chemicals. This should be your last resort because the use of drain chemicals is not eco-friendly so they are strongly discouraged.

With this method, you just empty the drain chemical into your toilet. The chemical dissolves the rigid clog and eventually flushes your toilet.

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A toilet auger is an essential tool for any plumber. It’s also a great tool to have around the house in cases of emergencies, like when you need to unclog your drain or sewer line. But if your toilet auger won’t go in, you might have to find the cause.

An extremely wide or dense clog in the pipe or bent drain pipes could be some of the reasons.

There are some things you can do before calling your local plumber.

First, try plunging the drain with an old plunger or coat hanger and see if it clears up any of that gunk.

You can also pour hot water down the drain followed by vinegar which should break up any grease buildup.

These steps may fix your problem right away without having to call a plumber out on their day off.

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