SANIFLO Sanicompact - Dual-flush System - Residential

Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT Self-Contained Toilet



Saniflo-Saniaccess Toilet, 2 Upflush Macerator Pump



Saniflo SaniPLUS: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit (with Standard Bowl)

Saniflo SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet Kit with Standard Bowl

Installing a toilet calls for hard work with lots of drilling and floor-breaking. But with Saniflo lavatory, you can install it without breaking a single tile in your house. Maybe that is why Saniflo is a favorite to many homeowners. These toilets come with a bowl, the pump, and a tank as a package. When it comes to the design, the commodes are designed well to make sure they fit anywhere in a home. You do not have to break your house floors to fit the toilet.

Saniflo toilets innovative design offers an up-flush macerating coordination that was there since the 1950s. The toilet’s mechanism makes it easy for you to break the human waste before sending it to the main sewer. To educate you more on these toilets, here is an honest review of the best Saniflo toilet reviews.

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Why do you need a Saniflo toilet?

Here are some of the benefits of having the best Saniflo toilets-

You can install it anywhere in the home

People like the idea of installing the toilet in any space or room. With the lavatory, you do not have to consider the location of your drainage system or plumbing. Due to its up-flush system, such a toilet is a great addition to a basement room where waste needs to move up ways.

Has a free-standing ejection fixing system

Most toilets connect to drainage where you need plumbing. You also need to break your floor below and behind the toilet for easier usage. To avoid all these issues, a free-standing system is better for the sewage. The unit uses a separate pump to send the waste to its place.

Portable enough

Such toilets are portable enough, especially with the units that come as a single unit. However, some models may need you to remove some bolts to remove them. Saniflo toilets are ideal for any home hosting an elderly or anyone else with special needs. Many of these units need no breaking or digging and save space at home.

Energy-efficient when compared to standard toilets

Since the toilet pump doesn’t force the water with the entire force, its smooth process is smoother due to the technology. Considering how standard toilet power, with this unit it means you will save more energy with a single flush.

Top 5 Best Saniflo Toilet Reviews

Are you tired of the old toilets and looking for ways to install a new toilet at home? Then Saniflo toilets are the toilets you are looking for. Read on the following saniflo up-flush toilet reviews for any home.



SANIFLO Sanicompact - Dual-flush System - Residential

Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT Self-Contained Toilet

For those looking for the best saniflo toilet, Saniflo Sanicompact 023 is among the best ones in the market. The toilet does not have a visible tank since everything remains within and uses electricity. For those looking forward to saving space, this is an excellent choice.

The reasonably priced unit comes as a single piece and sleek lines, which makes it easy to clean. It is self-contained and able to fit in spaces where standard toilets may not fit. Sani-compact toilet saves not only space but also energy and water. It also allows you to install it in sites where people with mobility issues can easily access it.

Another great thing with this toilet is that it pumps water and waste vertically, 9 feet higher, and 100 feet horizontally. You can also enjoy connecting the toilet to a hand-washing outlet to save more water.


      • Saves space.
      • Can be installed anywhere.
      • Friendly to the disabled since you can install it to where they can easily access it.
      • Equitably priced.
      • Not hard to keep it clean.


      • Somehow noisier.




Saniflo-Saniaccess Toilet, 2 Upflush Macerator Pump

Cleanliness and ease of use are what make this toilet great for all homes. It comes with an elegant design with a traditional look to make sure it fits all spaces. The toilet is compact enough to make it easy for anyone to set up a particular bathroom at home. Saniflo designs the toilet with efficiency and comfort in mind. With the elongated seat and the macerator pump, you will easily pump the waste with ease, using less energy.

With an internal motor that remains an enclosure filled with oil, the toilet works great. The motor is the one that powers the macerator to give room for the rotation of the metallic blade, which breaks down waste while pumping via the toilet.

Featuring ½ pump system that can pump the waste up to 150 feet, you won’t have to worry about waste disposal. The tank’s volume holds up to 2.3 gallons, and so you need not worry about water usage.

Considering the toilet’s user-friendliness, it is best that you can get it. It consumes less power when you compare it to other toilets. The motor is also enclosed, which means there is less noise.


  • Quiet enough.
  • Simple to use.
  • Incorporates great features.
  • Have a strong motor.


  • Expensive.



Saniflo SaniPLUS: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit (with Standard Bowl)

Saniflo SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet Kit with Standard Bowl

Saniplus up-flush is a favorite to many due to its quality and efficiency. It has a simple design that fits in every home, regardless of the space available. Being a two-piece unit, it is unique considering its features that are friendly to any user.

According to reviewers, the unit is the quietest; as a result of the insulated motor. Even though it is quiet, that does not prevent the motor from being powerful enough. It runs at 3600rpm to break down every waste within minutes. When it comes to water efficiency, it uses 1.6 gallons in very flush, making it efficient enough.

The reason the model is very popular is because of how simple it is to install it. Incorporating a full installation kit, the toilet is not hard to install since you only need 4 easy connections.


          • Not hard to install.
          • Limited noise.
          • Water and energy-efficient.
          • Its features are friendly to the user.
          • Durable.
          • Can fit on every home.
          • Ideal for large homes since it can handle lots of flushes.


          • Pricey than other units.
Saniflo Toilet - Two-piece SaniPlus 002/087/005

Saniflo Toilet – Two-piece SaniPlus

For those in search of a toilet that has an elongated bowl, this Saniflo toilet is the right one for you. A toilet is a 3-piece unit, featuring a tank, an extended bowl, and a macerating unit. What we like about the toilet is that you can install it anywhere in your home. You do not need any drilling to fix the toilet. To install it well, make sure that you fit it 15 feet below the sewer line or 150 feet away from any soil heap.

You can connect the toilet to a bath outlet, basin, urinal, or even a shower. Such a connection ensures that the waste is easily transported to the maceration unit. Behind the macerator, you will find a pump whose work is to propel waste. Using less than 1.6 gallons when flushing, you will end up saving more water with every flush.

Once you read Saniflo macerating toilet reviews, you will feel encouraged by the great and positive user reviews. The unit’s overall satisfaction to the clients is above 90 per cent, which proves its effectiveness and efficiency.


  • Great warranty.
  • Minimizes water wastage.
  • Does not use more space.
  • Great flushing system.


  • Overpriced.
Saniflo Sanibest Pro: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit (with Elongated Bowl)

Saniflo Sanibest Pro: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit with Elongated Bowl

To easily break down waste before it gets to the sewer, this Saniflo Sanibest toilet is here for that purpose. Just like with other macerating toilets, the toilet is incredible since your floor remains safe from drills and breakages during the installation process.

Sanibest is an alternative version of Saniflo, but with a different model where they come with an exclusive bowl. Its bowl is longer for extra comfort to the person using it. It comes as a full softening toilet kit that incorporates a lengthened bowl, a Sanibest pro as well as the tank.

The lavatory not only goes well with other standard lavatories but also comes with quality material. The bowl is long enough for comfort, but you need to make sure you have enough space for it to fit well.


  • You can connect every water appliance in your home.
  • The elongated bowl adds to your comfort.
  • Simple assembly.
  • No need for holes or drills to install.
  • Has a quality macerator


  • To make the macerator invisible, you must buy an extension pipe separately.

Saniflo toilets are what every homeowner needs. They are stylish and incorporate a Saniflo macerator to boost their performance. Such toilets are not only practical but also add value and touch to your home. The toilet’s energy and water-saving features make them ideal for any home.

Besides, since your floor needs no drills or breakages to fit, the toilet is a big plus. For those seeking to upgrade their bathroom, any of the Saniflo toilets can do wonders.

What to Consider Before Buying Best Saniflo toilet

Toilet type:

The type of toilet you choose will highly contribute to the comfort in you when using the toilet. Make sure that you find a model that will go well with your bathroom. Saniflo offers a range of toilets with different sizes. The sizes are available to those with limited spaces as well as for those with enough spaces at home.

How is the bowl shaped?

Shape defines how well your toilet is going to fit in the space available. Saniflo toilets come in various bowls with different shapes and sizes. Some of the common shapes are the circular ones, elongated, and complex ones.

Elongated ones are oval-like, which makes them longer and comfortable. Round ones take up less space but are somehow uncomfortable. Finally, the compact ones are both comfortable and save much space.

Drain site:

To those with standard drywall, the drain site needs to stay ½ inch in thickness. This means that the toilet needs to stay at 15 inches away for effectiveness. The distance of your plumbing system from the wall to the sewage is like 12 inches.

Height of the toilet:

When talking of the height, we mean the distance between the floor and the toilet bowl. The height greatly determines your comfort when using the toilet. Saniflo has toilets with different heights for you to choose from.


Material matters a lot when it comes to how the toilet works, durability, and overall look. Ceramic is a material that is common with these toilets because of its durable nature. The material is tough enough, water-proof, and makes your toilet last longer. Saniflo has many toilets with a mixture of ceramic or plastic for comfort and durability.

Technology for water-saving:

Saniflo toilets are extremely efficient. They save water in various ways for your advantage. The toilets come with an impeller technology that is found in the toilet to save water when you flush.

When you compare Saniflo with other brands, the toilets save much water. Most toilets flushes a maximum of 1.6 gallons with a single flush, but an average Saniflo toilet uses less than one gallon. With time, you will notice water usage cut by 70 percent.

Flushing technology:

With the right mechanism to flush, this means you will not find it hard to flush. Low-quality flush means your toilet will not last long. The Saniflo flushing system is usable for everyone. It is not hard to press since it does not stick as you press it. Therefore, even if it uses less water, its flushing system works well enough.


With Saniflo, you get a two years warranty on the pump and a one year warranty on the bowls. Some toilets come with up to 5 years warranty, which is higher than the rest of the models. The warranty covers any damage to the unit, apart from the damage caused by the user.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How should I remove hard water stains from the Saniflo toilet?

These toilets have flushes that you can use to flush and remove any mold or stain. Alternatively, the use of vinegar is also a good idea.

What should I do when my Saniflo toilet gets smelly?

In most cases, toilets smell when there is waste residual in the toilet. All you need is to switch off the source of water, make sure the bowl is empty, and finally use bleach to clean. Macerating with vinegar also works.

Can I install the Saniflo lavatory without an existing plumbing system?

Yes, you can! The macerating system of the up-flush toilet makes it easy for you to install it anywhere. You can have an extra bathroom in the attics, basement, motels, cottages, and any other place.

What is the Saniflo toilet’s price range?

Saniflo toilets come at different prices. This means you can get a unit at a lower price as well as at a higher price. All you need is to check the price listing on the unit and choose the one that goes with your budget.

Where can I buy Saniflo toilets?

Once you decide on the right toilet for you, Amazon is the next place you should visit. They offer the biggest collection of Saniflo toilets with competitive prices.


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Saniflo is a renowned manufacturer that strives to offer quality and outstanding products, and the above Saniflo toilet systems reviews prove it. As long as you get your unit from Saniflo, you are sure that it will last longer and work efficiently. To make no mistake when it comes to getting the right toilet, look no further.

Follow the Saniflo toilet reviews, and you are good to go!