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American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet Review & Buying Guide in 2020

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Plumbing Product Reviews, Toilets

American standard is the name of quality and innovation for more than 140 years throughout the world to make our home safe and healthier with their products. From their huge range of product, you can find three out of five home are using their manufactured toilet. Amongst them, American Cadet 3 toilet has some amazing features with an affordable range.

When buying a new Toilet we have to consider many aspects because we do not want to compromise with our everyday comfort. Moreover, there is also the issue of purchasing and installation cost so that we cannot replace them often. So before you buy we suggest you do some homework and then proceed. So those who are looking for the top-quality toilet can read this American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet review to acknowledge the pros and cons of this product.



American Standard 2989.101.020 Cadet 3 Concealed Flowise Trapway Elongated Toilet, White

American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet Overview

This toilet comes in two pieces, one tank and one elongated bowl which looks not only classy also comfortable to use.

This is a super stylish looking toilet that has incredible suction with a very silent filler. The flush is really amazing because of a quick gulp and in a second everything in the bowl disappears without a big torrent of water swirling down.

Another nice feature is the slow close seat and cover. They lift in the normal way, but to close them you just give a little push and they slowly lower themselves closed in a civilized way.

It is designed as an elongated siphon action jetted bowl with a 16-½ in rim height within reach application. This toilet is amenable by American with Disabilities (AWD) because of its comfortable height of 17-½ inches (with plastic seat), which is a practical option for tall, disable and elderly persons. It flushes like a great vacuum cleaner so it’s easy to keep the toilet clean.

Additionally, you don’t need to clean the dust or dirt gathering in the crevices of the trapway pipes. Even we are giving it a 5 star for its easy clean amendment.

Product Features:

Easy to clean:If you are looking for a toilet which takes less time for cleaning this one is the best. You can clean it thoroughly once a week and for daily cleaning, you just press the flush button for 1-2 seconds to turn on power flush which prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria, mould and mildew on the toilet surface.

Constant one-flush:This Cadet 3 toilet is rigged out with a stronger and definitive one button flush which can handle 1,000 grams of solid waste in a single flush. For this reason, it achieved the highest possible rating by MaP. With this three-inch Flush valve, the water rushes out faster to fill the tank and quickly drain the bowl at the same time. Also, the Gravity-fed flushing technology uses the natural force of gravity to push the water down the trapway.

Saving water bill:This toilet will cut your water bill in half because of low water consumption with strong one flush. This nature-friendly toilet uses almost 1.28 gallons(4.8Lpf/1.28 GPF) of water in every flush which is 20 % fewer water uses than a regular toilet. Also, it’s Certified by EPA water sense with the belief of “less water strong flush“.

Minimize Clogging: With a fully varnished larger diameter than the regular one, this toilet has 2.â…› inches siphonic trapway which have no choke points and a 2 inches ball pass to prevent clogging. So if you have toddler or teenager at your home don’t worry if any unusual thing stuck in it. With the powerful flash JET all unusual things can flush out without clogging.

Easy Fitting Process:When you have all the necessary tools it’s easier to install this straightforward two-piece toilet(Tank and Bowl). The Toilet comes with a seat so you don’t have to buy one before installation. A standard 12 inches space it is needed to fit the toilet. It comes with a wax ring for use on the floor to keep water from leaking out around the base. If you face any problem to install the toilet get help from an expert plumber near you.

Long Warranty Period: After the date of your purchase manufacturer offers a longer warranty on this model that lasts for five years. Isn’t it an amazing offer!!! One thing to remember, to claim the warranty you should save sales receipts as proof of purchase.

Mirror-like clean and durable Material: Cadet 3 tanks and bowls have a right patented silver-ion additive which can protect the material from mould, mildew, algae and fungus that can cause staining. It’s super easy to clean and with less maintenance, it stays clean longer. Both a cover and a seat made from plastic that is durable enough for daily use.

Perfect Height:With the soft closing seat, the toilet actual height is 17.5 inches, but if you remove the soft seat it measures 16.5 inches which are super comfortable for tall, disables and elderly people. Those who are uncomfortable to keep the tank from sitting too close to the wall they can easily use this toilet cause it works with a 12 inch rough.

Easy to lift :This Super stylish sleek commode comes with the total height up to the top of the tank is 28.5 inches, Width of 15 inches and a depth of 30 inches. It weighs just over 92 pounds so that you can easily handle and move into the bathroom. Comes with mounting bolts that work with the existing holes in the floor.

What we liked:

  • Beautiful Elongated design which gives more space to sit.
  • EverClean surface makes it easy to clean.
  • 5 Years manufacturer warranty.
  • Has a low water consumption flush. (1.28 GPF)
  • Reduces the water bill.
  • Certified Water sense.
  • Acquicent by ADA.
  • Large siphon Trapway prevents from clogging.
  • Slow closing seat without noise.
  • Right height from the Rim to the Floor.

What we didn’t like:

  • The installation process is not much straightforward.
  • The plastic of the seat and cover is not durable.
  • Need clear venting.
  • Don’t have a double flash option.

Why did it recommend to buy?

If we want to recommend this toilet in a few words we would like to say this toilet worth the price with all its amenities in the long run. The manufacturer keeps everything clear from product material to other useful features to the customer before buying so that customers get a clear view of the product.


Before you buy a toilet always need to know: When we need to buy a toilet we get confused which one will be perfect for our toilet in respective of size, design, material, functionality and budget. So we recommend before you buy something always do homework and we are making the homework easy for you to keep you remind some important point:

Types of Toilet to choose:

You can find two types of a toilet in the market, one is one piece toilet and another one is a two-piece toilet. In one piece toilet, there are no joint or part so it comes in solid one piece but in a two-piece toilet, there are two parts, a tank and a bowl. So due to consider your bathroom size, design and your preference you can choose one from them.

Colour and design:

It depends on individual choices which colour or design he/she choose. But keep in mind as we have to use the toilet on a daily basis so keep it simple and eye-soothing.


Whatever design you choose for your bathroom it will go to a vale if you wouldn’t choose the comfortable toilet. There are two types of a bowl in the market Elongated and Circular. Those who want more space and perfect height can go for Elongated but those who have less space in the Toilet can choose Circular one.

Single or Dual Flash?

In a modern-day there are two types of flash available.one is single flash which has one button and another is dual flash which has two buttons. Both of them use different amounts of water to flush. In Dual flash, one button is designed to flush liquid waste and another button is designed to flush solid waste. So it’s your choice which one you have to choose.

Perfect Height:

Height is an important parameter in terms of choosing a toilet. Because if you have back pain or other disabilities it can be worsened if you choose low height toilet. So to buy a toilet always choose the right height between 16 to 17 inches from the floor.

Who will install?

It’s a tricky question because it varies from person to person. But if you want perfection then we will recommend you to seek professional help.

Installation & Maintenance Guide:

To Install a new toilet or to replace the old inefficient toilet to modern high-efficiency water sense toilet, in both cases you need to know some important steps before proceeding.You can hire an expert or you can do it by your self. Here are some steps you can follow:

What do we need for installation?

We need a few tools to install a new toilet and they are:
  • A Caulk Gun
  • A measurement Tape
  • A small level
  • A mini Channel locks
  • A sponge
  • A stainless steel no burst supply hose
  • Wax ring, Brass bulb,Shims
  • A four and one screwdriver

Step by step process:

Step-1: Check the water pressure. Take a water pressure gauge and screw it at the bottom of the water heater. Ideal water pressure should be 60-80 PSI. Step-2: Turn off the water valve of your toilet line.If you had a previous toilet wipe out all the extra water and wax residue. Remove the old toilet. Step-3: Replace the new T-bolts and wax ring with the old one. Measure the distance of the wall and brass bolt. If it’s the same on both sides then screw the brass bolt and place the waxed brass bolt firmly on the ground in the middle of the two screws. Put a small pressure with a rag or tissue. Measure the floor level with a leveller. Step-4: Now place the new toilet above the hole and connect with the toilet supply hose. Turn on the water supply and check the tank is full or not.If full test it with pushing the flash button Once the bowl fills now it’s properly installed. Step-5: Now take a water-based acrylic silicone caulk and squirt it out with a caulk gun around the whole entire base. Then take a sponge to push the silicone as tight as you can. When it’s dry it’s ready to use the toilet. Normally it takes 4 to 5 hours to dry the silicone. Step-6: Lastly, attach the seat cover and here you go”¦”¦… Notes: Please take proper safety precautions and use proper equipment. If needed then take professional supervision to install the toilet.

Maintenance Guide:

The quality of the American Standard 3 toilet is so high that you don’t need an extra hour to clean it. The ceramic inside and outside have an ever clean antimicrobial component which reduces the growth of stain and odour-causing bacteria, mould and mildew. It’s a good practise if you clean the bowl with warm water and toilet cleaner regularly so that you can use the toilet in the long run.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below you’ll find answers to questions we get asked the most about American standard cadet 3 Toilet:

01. What is the width and depth of the toilet?

The toilet has a height of 30-¼ inches, Width of 15-¾ inches and depth of 30-¼ inches that you will get for the most standard elongated toilet.

02. Does the toilet come with a seat? Can I change the seat?

Yes, the toilet comes with a firm plastic designable seat with a cover which can be changeable.

03. What is the actual height of the toilet from the floor with and without a seat?

The actual height is 17-½ inches with seat and cover from the floor which is very comfortable for handicapped person and adult person. If the seats take off it measures 16-½ inches.

04. Does Single-button flash like this toilet work better like Dual button?

In a recent MaP test, this toilet received the highest rating for handling 1000 gm of solid waste in a single flash. It has a smart gravity design that a strong flush that clean all the clogs. So it’s proven that it works better than other toilets.

05. Do I need an expert to help me install the toilet?

Actually, It depends on the individual. If you are a DIY person then you can do it by yourself. A user manual comes with the package so you can follow the instruction. But if you are not a DIY person than seek help from an expert and this is a wise decision.

06. Do I need to clean the toilet regularly?

Regular cleaning is necessary for every toilet to prevent germs and fungus. But in this EverClean toilet, a strong flash makes easier to clean.


So to sum up we would recommend this toilet to those who are looking for budget-friendly, stylish and comfortable toilet setup. Despite some negative review, American Standard Cadet 3 toilets have some notable effective features which attracted by the buyer. If you want to know more about this product, You can get a clear idea by reading American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet Reviews in Manufacturer official website. So as a practical user of this toilet we would like to recommend this toilet to every classy person. We hope all the above discussion will help you to choose the right product for your toilet. We appreciate you came till the end with me”¦.. Editor’s Recommended:

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