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5 Most Common Reason Why Toilet Not Flushing All The Way

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Plumbing Guides

Have you ever faced an embarrassing situation when you used a toilet and it didn’t flush completely? It is really annoying moment and creates quite a havoc in your home. If the toilet doesn’t empty completely when you hit the flush, it’s just gross and wasteful right? It doesn’t even allow the people in your household or your workplace as the whole thing make it disgusting. Ever thought about the reasons why toilets not flushing all the way? Knowing the right reasons might help you to solve the problem and make things work again. So let’s check out why toilet not flushing all the way:

1. Blocked inlet holes

Your toilet’s inlet hole is located under the lip of your toilet bowl. It serves the purpose of flushing the toilet with water. The water flushes from the inlet holes so if the holes get blocked you might lose a good amount of water which prevents the water stream flowing around the toilet. You can check the sides of the bowl and if you find the water streams down and not diagonally, then they are completely clogged and blocked. Take a look at your toilet where you will find orifices which produce water to flush the toilet.

These are located on the upper rim of the toilet bowl. There are a lot of reasons why this inlet holes can be clogged. IF you are using water with higher concentrations of fluoride, then the holes get clogged quickly due to the mineral deposits.

Bottom Line:

The primary thing you need to do when you are facing this problem is to stop the water supply of the toilet bowl and flush the toilet tank to empty it. Use an acid or strong cleaner and fill the valve with it. You can also use hot vinegar in this step, Do not use the toilet for some time and let the cleaner dissolve the mineral buildup. Turn on the water supply and now just flush the toilet. Thank us later!

Clogged Toilet:

Sometimes the main problem can be due to the contents inside the toilet. If it is filled with excessive amounts of toilet paper and other waste, it makes the toilet bowl difficult to suck out all the waste in a one-time flush. In this situation, you need to fill a full bucket of water to unclog it.

2. Water levels issue:

Your toilet has a need of correct amount of water produced very quickly to do the flush fast.. IF the water levels of the toilet tank is set to very low, your toilet bowl may not receive the right amounts of water to flush the whole thing thoroughly.

Basically toilet tanks are manufactured with a mark inside according to the capacity to avoid overflow of the tube. If you think the water levels are too low, you can adjust the levels manually to prevent awkward situations. Check the levels of water to determine if it is too low or too high.

3. Clog inside the toilet

Clog inside the toilet


If your toilet is clogged due to the system failure, it prevents the waste from flushing down the bowl. Depending on the severity of the clog, you might face heavy trouble where the water could be running down the toilet bowl. Sometimes the toilet gets clogged due to excess amount of tissue papers, plastic, or some other kind of wastage.

Bottom line:

In this case, you can use white vinegar, toilet cleaner, or acid to unclog the deposited wastage inside the system. Heat up white vinegar up to 120 degrees and pour it inside the toilet bowl using a funnel. Leave it for 24 hours and flush the toilet bowl two to three times to make sure the whole thing is cleaned up.

4. Damaged flapper:

The flapper is an attachment designed inside the toilet bowl, which is connected to a chain that lifts up when you press the flush that allows water inside the tank pour quickly in the toilet bowl. The flapper seals off the hole completely when the flush mode is off. If the flapper is older or damaged, the water might leak through the tank which leads to wastage of water. It results in the decreased amounts of water in the tank that leads to an insufficient amount of water needed to flush the water.

Bottom Line:

In this case, first, check out the length of flapper chain and make sure the chain is not too little and damaged. Adjust the length according to the need and rehook it to the hole close to the flush lever.

Problem in the toilet drainage pipe system:

IF you are facing the flush issue for a long time then it might be due to the problem inside the toilet drains installation. The drainage toilet system is designed to flow quickly, downwards to empty the toilet bowl. IF the drainage pipe system fails, the toilet water is stuck in the pipe when you flush and stops the water from flushing down completely.

Bottom line:

You need to get professional help in this situation because the pipe drainage system needs good analysis and quick repair.

Kohler toilet not flushing all the way:

It is never a fun task when your kohler toilet starts to malfunction. It is also pretty frustrating when you do not know the reason for the plumbing problem. Kohler toilet may face problems like overflow and drain due to clogging inside the system. You can follow the above steps to clear the drain problem in this toilet.


So next time you are sitting in the washroom and worrying about why is my toilet not flushing all the way? You got the main reasons. You need to find the problem and clear it to flush all your worries away. We hope this saves you from embarrassing moments the next time you are using the toilet. Have a nice day!

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