Shower curtains are a great way to add some color and personality to your bathroom. But when it comes to installation, many people often ask, how long should a shower curtain be and should it touch the floor?

In general, most standard-size shower curtains are at least 72 inches long but can go up as high as 96 inches.

A good rule of thumb for a standard height bathroom (approximately 6 feet) would be to measure from the top edge of your tub down to where you want it to hang. But give it about 2 inches allowance below for people who are shorter than average.

In this article, we shall talk about the ideal length of a shower curtain and how to choose the correct size for your bathtub or shower stall.

How long should a shower curtain be?

As aforementioned, the ideal length of most shower curtains is 72 inches but you can get a longer size depending on what you want.

There are several factors that determine the length of the curtain.

  • The shape of the tub

The shape of your tub may influence the length in that a rectangular tub will need a longer curtain to cover it all while an oval or round-shaped tub will require a shorter curtain.

To make sure you have the right length of the curtain, measure your tub at its longest point and add an extra 20 inches.

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  • Height of the showerhead

You should consider how high off the ground your shower head is. Some people have been blessed with height so they need the showerhead to be installed high enough to accommodate them.

For this reason, one will need an extra-long shower curtain that will cover the showerhead and go all the way down to the floor to keep water in the shower.

  • Height of the shower curtain rod

Another important factor to consider is how high your shower curtain rod is. If you have a shower rod, the curtain should extend past the top of the tub by 6-7 inches.

This means that when taking the measurement; add an extra 6 or 7 inches to get the correct length for the curtain.

In case you end up purchasing one that is too long, you can always shorten it by cutting off the excess fabric and hemming it to create a clean edge.

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Should a shower curtain touch the floor?

It is important to have a shower curtain that goes all the way to the floor, but should it touch the floor?

The answer to this question is both yes and no because there are several things to consider.

For instance, if you have a bath mat on the floor, then it’s not necessary for the curtain to touch the floor because there is already an extra barrier to prevent water from leaking out.

how long should a shower curtain be?

On the other hand, if you don’t have a bath mat or any other type of non-slip material on your bathroom floor, then it would be wise to hang the curtain all the way to the floor so that water doesn’t drip onto surfaces below.

This can also save time by not having to constantly dry off all those wet spots.

However, health professionals argue that shower curtains should not touch the floor. This is based on the fact that the curtain creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew that can be dangerous to your health.

If you are of the same opinion and feel that it is unsanitary for the shower curtain to touch the bathroom floor, elevate the curtain at least 2-5 inches off the floor.

This will ensure that the curtain is close enough to the floor so as to prevent water from splashing out.

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How long should a shower curtain be for a walk-in shower?

There are many questions that people ask about this topic but one of the most common concerns is how long should a shower curtain be for a walk-in shower.

The answer to this question also depends on several factors. First is personal preference because some people prefer long curtains for privacy while others want shorter ones for convenience.

Other considerations include how high your ceiling is the height of the shower rod and whether or not you need a curtain with hooks.

Nevertheless, while the standard size of a shower curtain is 72″ long, such a curtain may not work for a walk-in shower. You will need an extra-long shower curtain preferably 78 inches and above. This will ensure that it will be long enough to prevent water from splashing out of the shower.

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How long should a shower curtain be? Honestly, it depends.

For most people, the length of a shower curtain is not an issue. However, there are some who may like to use their shower curtains to create more privacy and feel less exposed when using the bathroom or taking a shower.


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In this case, it is recommended to get a shower curtain that is at least 72 inches long for a bathtub and about 78 inches for a walk-in shower stall.

Getting the correct length will not only ensure more privacy but also prevent water from getting onto the floor around the tub or stall.