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Can You Snake A Toilet?

by | Nov 25, 2021 | Plumbing Guides

Having a home that you can enjoy spending time in is a vital part of having a fulfilled life. If you can sit back and relax whilst enjoying moving about your home from room to room, then you know you have done alright in life.

However, there will always be problems with a home – it’s natural that, as a house ages, there will be issues that arise from it that will need to be fixed.

These issues can be easily fixed by simply ensuring that you have the necessary skills to leap into action and fix the problems that sometimes will occur within your home.

Whilst it might be easier to call out a local plumber, this often makes you feel helpless, dependent on someone else to fix the issues that you have with your property.

Having the skills to keep your home in the best condition possible are vitally important and this is why you need to know how to fix your toilet if you have a problem with it.

We use a toilet constantly throughout the time we are at home so if there is a problem with it, it can be a major inconvenience.

This is why, rather than wait for someone to come and fix the problem for you, you should be able to deal with it yourself.

Therefore, knowing whether or not you can snake a toilet or how to snake a toilet are important pieces of information that this piece will give to you that will help you keep your home perfect.

Can You Snake A Toilet?

If you aren’t familiar with plumbing then the phrase “can you snake a toilet” may not only seem bizarre but also unduly complicated.

The term to snake a toilet means to use a long and snake-like piece of equipment to put down your toilet in order to unblock it from a potentially lethal blockage.

The simple answer to the question, as is perhaps implied by the previous description of what snaking a toilet is, is that it is possible to snake a toilet – however it is seen as a last resort for unblocking your toilet because the “snake” could easily cause more problems than it might solve.

Now that we’ve explained what snaking a toilet is and why it is possible, let’s move on to explaining how to snake a toilet and why you should only do it when you have no other options.

How To Snake A Toilet 

Now that we have explained that you can snake a toilet, let’s explain how you can snake a toilet.

However, it must be stressed that you should only snake a toilet as a last resort before calling a plumber.

The reason for this is that, when you have a blocked toilet, it is always best to see if you can get rid of the blockage by either using a plunger, bleach and or some other disinfectant and or simply flushing it rather than immediately attempting to snake it.

This is because the material used in snaking a toilet can sometimes get stuck and, if administered inappropriately, can cause more damage than the original blockage.

However, if you have tried other methods of clearing the blockage and want to attempt to clear the toilet one last time before calling in a plumber then snaking it is the right course of action to take.

In order to effectively snake a toilet, you need to get a toilet snake. It is important that you specifically get a toilet snake rather than a drain snake because toilet snakes are specifically designed to be used in toilets so that they don’t get stuck in the toilet’s system or potentially damage the porcelain used in the toilet.

Take the toilet snake and put on some rubber gloves. It is always best to use rubber gloves to protect your hands because you don’t want any dirt of effluence getting on them whilst trying to unblock the toilet.

Once you have your rubber gloves on begin by lowering the toilet snake’s metal cable down into the toilet bowl.

Remember that you are attempting to put the toilet snake into the awkwardly shaped toilet system, so make sure to properly visualise it before you do so.

Keep going until you reach down into the drain, using the toilet snake’s crank to do so.

Once you can tell that the cable is into the drain, slowly retract it using the crank in order to either break up or remove the clog.

It is important that as you do so you make sure that you do it gently in order to remove the clog without damaging the toilet and so when you extract the toilet snake’s crane you do so without damaging any section of the toilet.

After you have fully retracted the metal cable of the toilet snake, the clog should have been removed.

Make sure by waiting for the toilet water to return to normal and just flushing the toilet to be on the safe side.

With the toilet snake safely out of the system make sure you clean it as soon as possible to mitigate the potential for germs and or for anything getting stuck to the end of the toilet snake.

If the toilet snake isn’t able to break up the clog, then it is time to call a plumber as you will have done all you can possibly do and will need professional help to solve the problem.

Why Knowing How to Use a Toilet Snake is Important 

Knowing how to use a toilet snake is vitally important because it ensures that you know how to keep your home as tidy and fully functional as possible.

Toilet snakes are useful tools that ensure that we can have homes that feel like homes and that aren’t filled with broken or unfit for use facilities.

We should all have the power to ensure that our homes are as we like them and this is why being able to repair your home properly and make sure that it is fully maintained is a true skill that all householders need to have.

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