EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 13KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating Technology

EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater

Are you tired of looking at the eyesore that is your home’s hot water heater? Are you growing weary of paying high energy bills each month? If so, then it may be time to make the transition to a tankless hot water heater. Not only does this type of water heater conserve energy and reduce your monthly electric bills, but it will also supply your home with an endless source of hot water for showers, washing machines, and washing dishes.

The growing popularity of tankless water heaters has led to the market becoming saturated with dozens, if not hundreds, of different models to choose from. How do you know which model is right for your home?

The EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater is an excellent example of what a tankless hot water heater should be. This model is an electric heating unit, which means that it does not require burners and flames like natural gas units do, and because it does not require intricate exhaust and ventilation systems, the water heater installation is inexpensive and simple. Because this model clocks in at a mere 6.5 pounds, it can be placed almost anywhere in your home.

Key Features

  • With its self-modulating technology, this tankless water heater can save a homeowner up to 60% on their monthly energy costs.
  • A digital temperature control allows users to increase the temperature of the hot water in one degree increments, providing them with complete control over the heat output.
  • Its compact size minimizes the amount of space it takes up.
  • All of its components are made from either copper or stainless steel to ensure their durability.


  • The patented self-modulating technology enables this unit to control its own energy output for optimal performance.
  • Designed for small apartments or homes, the EcoSmart ECO 11 can heat 2 gallons of water per minute.
  • Depending on the climate, it can be used for multiple or single applications.


  • The model must be installed by a licensed plumber in order for EcoSmart to honor its lifetime warranty.
  • The “point of use” design can be troublesome.

Product Review

The EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater has performed favorably in both professional and consumer written reviews. Users have praised its performance and ability to conserve energy, which results in lower monthly electric bills. One of the most popular features of this model is its one degree incremental digital controls, which allow the user to adjust the temperature of the hot water to their exact liking.

As with most electric models, the ECO 11 is designed for use in smaller homes and apartments or those without an extreme demand for hot water. This particular model can service three to four taps at one time. For example, you can take a hot shower while running the dishwasher at the same time, but it cannot accommodate three people taking three separate showers all at once.

The ECO 11 is considered a “point of use” model, which means that it should (ideally) be installed at the faucet where you will need the fastest delivery of hot water (e.g. the kitchen sink or a main bathroom shower). For some buyers, this has been an issue, because lack of storage space in a small apartment or home means that the unit must be installed in a visible location. For others, this has not been an issue. It primarily boils down to what your personal preferences are.

This tankless hot water heater is self-modulating. Essentially, this means that it detects the flow and temperature of the incoming water without any effort required on your part. This is how the digital controls and settings are offered. The sensors in the hot water heater know that the water is not at a specified temperature immediately after it is turned on, and it works to correct the problem before water begins pouring out of the spout.

This self-modulating process does require some time however, so be prepared for a flow delay of 15 to 30 seconds after turning on a faucet. User reviews have reported that the delay time shortens after the heating element has been activated for a period of time.


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Another popular feature of EcoSmart Tankless Water Heaters is that EcoSmart offers a lifetime warranty on the element, electronics, and exchanger of this model. However, in order for the manufacturer to honor the warranty, the unit must be installed by a professional, licensed plumber. If you decide to install it yourself, this will void the warranty. A number of users have chosen to install themselves without any issues, but you will need to carefully weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether or not this is a wise decision.

Thank You For Reading

If you are looking for a tankless water heater that will deliver on its promises, the EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater is exactly what you are looking for. It is small and discreet and can be installed almost anywhere in your home. The precision controls, coupled with its affordable price tag, have made this unit one of the best-selling tankless water heaters. On the off chance that something should go wrong with your investment, you can rest assured that EcoSmart’s lifetime warranty will cover it.