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Is bamboo toilet paper septic safe? (better for environment)

by | Mar 23, 2022 | Plumbing Guides

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think much about the toilet paper you use. But have you ever wondered if bamboo toilet paper is septic safe?

As it turns out, there’s a bit of debate on this topic. Some experts say that because bamboo is a natural material, it breaks down quickly and is therefore safe for septic systems.

Others argue that bamboo does not break down as quickly as other types of toilet paper, and could potentially clog your system.

So what’s the verdict? If you’re concerned about using bamboo toilet paper, keep reading this article to get a definitive answer to your question.

Bamboo toilet paper vs regular, what’s the difference?

There are significant differences between bamboo and regular toilet paper.

To start with, bamboo toilet paper is made from bamboo, which is a type of grass. It is sustainable because it grows quickly and does not require pesticides or fertilizers. It also breaks down in soil quickly so it is good for the environment.

Regular toilet paper on the other hand is made from wood pulp, which comes from trees. Trees take years to grow, and they require pesticides and fertilizers so it is not sustainable. Regular toilet papers also do not break down easily in soil.

Moreover, bamboo toilet paper is softer than regular toilet paper. Bamboo also has a natural antibacterial quality, so it is less likely to cause infections than regular toilet paper. In addition, it does not have the harsh chemicals that are used to bleach regular toilet paper white.

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Does bamboo toilet paper block drains or clog toilets?

Bamboo toilet paper is no more likely to clog your drains or toilets than any other type of toilet paper. This is because it is made from a biodegradable material that breaks down quickly in water. So it dissolves easily when flushed down the toilet without causing blocking.

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So, is bamboo toilet paper septic safe?

There is a lot of conflicting information out there about whether or not bamboo toilet paper is septic safe. Some people say it is not safe, while others say it is.

The bottom line is that if you’re using good-quality bamboo toilet paper like Clear Rear Premium Bamboo toilet paper, it shouldn’t clog your septic or sewer line. This is due to the following reasons;

1. It is 100% biodegradable (Breaks down easily)

Septic systems are delicate things, and not every biodegradable product is compatible with them. Some products are stated as being biodegradable but that does mean they are automatically safe for septic tanks.

However, bamboo toilet paper is approved and certified as being more eco-friendly than traditional toilet paper. This is because it is made from 100% natural materials and is 100% biodegradable. So it won’t sit in your septic system for long before it decomposes or disintegrates.

2. Soft and dissolves easily

Bamboo toilet paper is softer and dissolves more easily than regular toilet paper. This is because bamboo is a natural material that is gentle on the skin and breaks down quickly in water.

3. Does not contain harsh chemicals

Septic tanks work best when there is a balance of aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (without oxygen) bacteria. Septic bacteria rely on an environment of complete and balanced chemicals to eliminate the waste products.

If harsh chemicals are constantly introduced into the system, it will disrupt the bacterial balance and reduce their ability to break down waste products. This can lead to a backup of sewage in your home and potentially costly repairs.

However, many toilet papers and cleaners contain harsh chemicals that kill off both types of bacteria, resulting in sludge build-up and system failure.

Luckily, bamboo toilet paper does not contain any harsh chemicals like bleach, so it preserves the balance of bacteria and keeps your septic system running smoothly.

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Is bamboo toilet paper better for the environment?

Bamboo toilet paper is a great choice for people who are concerned about the impact of regular toilet paper on the environment because it’s a sustainable material. So, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, bamboo toilet paper is a good choice.

However, be sure to do your research and buy quality bamboo toilet paper if you want to avoid any potential clogging problems.

Which is the worst toilet paper for plumbing?

There are a few different types of toilet paper that can be tough on plumbing.

For instance, those with a lot of textured surfaces, those with a lot of added color or fragrances, and those that are especially thick.

In addition, any toilet paper that is very fluffy and disintegrates easily is not good for plumbing. This type of toilet paper can easily get caught in the pipes and create a clog.

Nonetheless, most toilet papers will potentially cause problems if they are not flushed properly.


Is bamboo toilet paper septic safe? The answer to that question seems to be a resounding “yes”.

Bamboo toilet tissue has been shown to biodegrade quickly and easily in septic systems, so you can rest assured that flushing it down the loo will not cause any problems.

In fact, using bamboo toilet paper may even help keep your septic system running smoothly by breaking down build-up and preventing clogs.

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional toilet paper, look no further than bamboo.

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